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Snow retention products are devices or systems designed to prevent or control the sliding or avalanching of snow and ice from rooftops, especially on buildings with sloped or steep pitched roofs. These products serve several purposes, including protecting pedestrians and property from falling snow and ice, preventing damage to gutters and eaves, and ensuring the even distribution of snow load on the roof to prevent structural damage.

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Snow Retention Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Bar systems are a reliable option for any roofing project. Still, they are the only ones advised for areas where the ground snow load exceeds 45 psf. An adequately designed snow retention system will typically consist of multiple rows up the roof's slope, regardless of type. While a snow rail system might need fewer rows, it can sometimes be more expensive than pad-style snow guards.

Our testing indicated that the strength of polycarbonate and metal snow guards is comparable. Please refer to the testing tab on our resources page for additional information. For many of our customers, the choice is based more on aesthetics than strength. Snow guards adhesively attached to standing seam roofs can only be polycarbonate.

The SnoBar system comprises a 1" x 1" square hollow tube of Gator Shield-coated galvanized steel. The extruded 6061-T6 aluminum bar used in the ColorBar system features a color strip-accepting front face. Both systems are available online in mill finish or by phone in a powder-coated finish. The greater strength of the ColorBar allows it to span panels wider than 24".

The cupped tip stainless steel set screws on the SnoBar and ColorBar systems for standing seam metal roofing form a posi-lock attachment, which firmly fastens the snow rails in place. This tried-and-true set screw design provides superior strength without piercing the panels. Compared to the competition, which frequently needs up to 150 in-lbs of torque, our cupped tip set screws only require 90 in-lbs of torque (not foot-pounds). Moreover, the ColorBracket, when paired with our 2" Master Gripper Screws (for wood purlins) or 1.5" Master Driller Screws (for metal purlins), can be used to install the SnoBar and ColorBar systems on screw-down metal roofing.

The heavy-duty VentSaver HD has an 18" long fin with a 14" to 16" tall profile, compared to the VentSaver EZ's 12" long fin with a 9" to 12" tall profile.

VentSaver vent protectors are metal support brackets for metal roofs that give your pipes more strength and support while preventing damaged masts, chimneys, and crushed vent pipes. The VentSaver's distinctive fin design spreads snow around the pipe by slicing through compacted ice and snow during snow slides. The VentSaver is premium, non-corrosive aluminum with stainless steel components and a metal band or aircraft cable. This product can be mechanically fixed onto a structural support or blocking on screw-down metal panels. Our SD VentSaver Mounting Plate can be used for installation if this isn't feasible. You can also fasten it to a standing seam metal roof with the SS Ventsaver Plate without requiring seam penetrations.

With their universal designs that fit 95% of the panels currently on the market, the RoofClamp RC and RCT have completely changed the industry. They speed up installation and lessen the chance of panel finish damage that comes with non-top loading clamps. RoofClamps eliminate the need for specialized shapes and adapters, while many other clamps on the market target only certain types of seams.

The 6061-T6 aluminum bodies and stainless steel hardware of the RoofClamp RC and RCT are non-corrosive. Our coarse-threaded set screws won't strip out or seize inside the clamp when torqued to 90 in-lbs. It is occasionally possible for competitors' products that use fine-threaded set screws with high torque settings to seize inside the clamp, rendering them unusable. Because of this, there is no need to worry about product deterioration when using our clamps repeatedly. RoofClamp will typically outlast the roof in itself.

The LeafBlox gutter guard is simple to install and requires little upkeep! There's no need for mechanical fastening! LeafBlox's brush sections fill the gutter, preventing leaves and other debris from collecting and blocking the water flow. Because debris cannot gather and clog the gutter outlet, rainwater easily passes between the bristles and out of the downspouts.

Anyone can install LeafBlox, and it couldn't be easier! Anyone who can climb a ladder and clean the gutters can install our do-it-yourself gutter guard. Some people buy LeafBlox and install it themselves to save money on leaf guards. LeafBlox is easily inserted beneath the current gutter brackets and bent to fit around corners. It's pretty simple!

The RIDGEPRO® is one of our newest and most exciting product offerings. In addition to making it safer and easier to go from a ladder to your roof and back, the RIDGEPRO® roof anchoring safety system enables you to reach the roof's peak more quickly than you could with a traditional rope and harness setup. This ingenious invention is a more affordable option than roof planks or scaffolding. We never advise using our RoofClamps or snow guards as anchors or footholds.

The SataMount™ is the newest product in our line-up. Starlink is compatible with this universal fit mounting kit; however, that is merely the tip of the iceberg for this product. Conduits, electrical junction boxes, solar microinverters, and more can be installed using SataMount™!

For a successful installation, the adhesive needs to cure completely for 28 days, or 672 hours, at 50 degrees (F) or above. If the temperature does not fall below 50 degrees, it will not harm the curing process. The process will pause until the temperature rises above 50 degrees, which can cause a longer curing time for the glue. Spring and summer are the best seasons to install adhesive-mounted snow guards for a complete cure.

Our innovative WindStopper foot and stainless steel, non-penetrating seam clamps mount the WindBar, an exterior purlin system. After positioning, the WindStopper is fastened over the panel's center using a square bar that spans several clamps. The foot reduces lift caused by unfavorable wind pressure by holding down the panel's center.

The WindBar's non-penetrating clamps and WindStoppers enable installation without requiring any prior drilling or roof alteration.

We construct the SataMount™ from sturdy, weatherproof materials. Four aluminum RoofClamp RCT clamps, two 27-inch Unistrut sections, four spring nut channel bolts, and 304 stainless steel screws and washers make up this system.

We designed the SataMount™ Premium Satellite Bracket to safely fasten satellite dishes and other electronics to metal standing seam roofs without piercing the seams. It provides a sturdy mounting base by gripping the elevated roof seams with the reliable strength of the aluminum RoofClamp RCT.


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