The Theory of Snow Guards:

Snow and ice can avalanche dangerously off of glossy coated metal roofing. Snow guards are installed to help prevent the dangerous slide of snow and ice. Our approach to snow guard placement involves placing snow guards throughout the entire roof area to keep snow and ice from shifting initially. Once frozen precipitation loses its grip on a metal roof and begins a down-hill slide, it is exposed to inertia and as such, a row of guards placed along the eave or gutter edge of the roof is not always enough protection against dangerous avalanche. If you hold snow and ice in place with an effective snow guard layout, you evenly distribute the load on the roof and the snow guards and the threat of avalanche is effectively eliminated. An evenly distributed snow load will preserve the long-term integrity of the structure and snow guard pattern.

Spacing of Snow Guards

Due to the overwhelming inquiries for placement and number of snow guards recommended, we have developed one of the first online snow guard calculators that will provide an instant price quote and project estimate based on your project specifications. The Project Estimator or SPACING TOOL, as we have called it, will walk you through the process of computing the correct number of snow guards recommended for your project.

We have taken the Project Estimator to the next level, it will now produce custom, instant snow guard spacing layouts. Understanding and installing snow guard patterns has never been easier! Use our quick spacing guideline page for snow guard placement to estimate the amount of snow guards necessary for your project or simply start using the SPACING TOOL todayBecause of the constant changing raw material prices, and challenges created through the supply chains, the prices of snow guards and accessories shown on Spacing Tool may not be up to date. Please check back on this web site before pricing snow guards for your project.