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Polycarbonate Snow Guards

Polycarbonate snow guards, also known as plastic snow guards, are roofing accessories designed to prevent the sudden release of snow and ice from a roof, which can create dangerous conditions below, damage property, or clog gutters. They are typically installed on sloped roofs and come in various shapes and styles.

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Polycarbonate Snow Guards Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We never recommend combining systems of different types, whether you combine guards from the same company, similar guards from other companies, or completely different system types. Different manufacturers usually design snow guards and rail systems with different specific load ratings and purposes. Because of this, it is almost impossible to create an unmatched snow guard system and have it function properly. Suppliers rarely share this information with competitors, making this especially true when combining products from different suppliers.

The quickness and ease of installing polycarbonate snow guards will depend on your level of expertise. DIY-savvy homeowners make up a large portion of our clientele. Installation instructions come with your order and are available on our website. Working safely on a metal roof with a sloping surface is the riskiest part of installing snow guards. Before beginning an installation and ascending to your roof, please use suitable fall protection, such as the RidgePro. If you decide to hire a professional, any licensed general or roofing contractor should be able to install these guards for you.

Snow guards installed and laid out properly should require little to no maintenance. We advise conducting an annual inspection, often in the spring, to check for released snow guards. If guards applied with adhesive have released, wash them with soap and water and reapply them to the exact location using SureBond SB-190. The newly applied SureBond will bond to the existing adhesive on the roof. The release of mechanically fastened snow guards frequently points to more serious issues, such as insufficient structural material, an improper layout, or ground snow load areas higher than the maximum recommended threshold of 45 psf.

Polycarbonate snow guards should last the life of the roof and possibly beyond. Proper layout and installation are vital to ensuring the performance and lifespan of our products. Check out our spacing guideline page for layout recommendations for your project. Clear and concise descriptions and diagrams take the guesswork out of this process.

YES! Protection of gutters and downspouts is the number one reason our customers purchase snow guards. A complete system with a proper layout and without isolated placement will protect costly gutters. Most of our guards and rail systems hold the snow and ice on the roof in place, allowing it to melt and drain safely into the gutters.


  • Lifetime Warranty

    Lifetime Warranty

    All of our snow guard and snow retention products come with a life time warranty. See Warranty Policy.
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    Made in America

    All of our snow guard and snow retention products are made right here in America.
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