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Standing Seam Metal Roof Wind Uplift Resistance System

Prevent Standing Seam Roof Wind Damage!

Reduce Metal Roof Wind Noise By Up to 95%!

Coastal winds, microbursts, hurricanes, and tornadoes cause millions of dollars in metal roof damage every year. WindBar is a patented, external purlin system mounted with stainless steel, non-penetrating seam clamps, and our patented WindStopper foot. Once installed, a square bar spans between clamps, and the Windstopper is attached to the bar over the middle of the panel. The Windstopper foot holds down the middle of the panel, preventing lift caused by negative wind pressure.

Engineered to increase a metal roof's wind uplift performance by up to 300%. This is the industry's only system that prevents seam disengagement while also preventing pillowing of the panels. Metal roof damage can now easily be avoided with the use of the WindBar system. 

WindBar is designed to help your building meet the new tougher ASCE 7-98 wind code guidelines. WindBar can also be designed as part of a full snow retention system for additional protection from sliding snow and ice, all in one easy-to-install system. 

WindBar is a custom-designed system based on your project-specific requirements. Once we receive your completed Quote Request Form, your system will be custom-designed and a formal quote will be prepared including freight costs. This design service is free and there is zero obligation or pressure to buy!

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WindBar Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A patented external purlin system, WindBar is mounted using our patented WindStopper foot and stainless steel, non-penetrating seam clamps. Once in place, a square bar spanning multiple clamps secures the Windstopper over the center of the panel. The Windstopper foot holds down the panel's center, limiting lift brought on by adverse wind pressure.

The WindBar adapts to various standing seam roof profiles and materials, ensuring compatibility with most standard roof configurations. In most cases, the standard stainless steel SnoBar clamp is adequate for mounting; however, use RoofClamp for bulb and T-Seam metal roof panels.

The installation of WindBar is a reasonably straightforward process. Full-color instructions come with your order. However, unless you have prior expertise climbing on steel roofs, we advise choosing a skilled, locally licensed general contractor or metal roofing contractor. Since we are the manufacturer, we neither install snow guards nor suggest any particular contractors. If you choose to do the work yourself, it may be advisable to spend money on shoes designed expressly for walking on roofs, such as those offered by Cougar Paw at The RidgePro Roof Ridge Anchor is another fantastic device for mounting snow guards. IceBlox Inc. d.b.a. SnoBlox- Snojax does not assume liability for the installation process or recommendations of its products.

The WindBar's non-penetrating clamps and WindStoppers allow installation without drilling or modification of the roof before, during, or after the installation.

 WindBar helps your building meet the ASCE 7-98 wind code guidelines. It increases a metal roof's wind uplift performance by up to 300%. WindBar is the industry's only system that prevents seam disengagement while preventing the panels' pillowing. Using the WindBar system, you can easily avoid most metal roofs.

The WindBar system typically has more rows than the most robust snow retention design. Therefore, it can function both ways. The fact that we trust WindBar on multiple Antarctic research sites is one of our proudest demonstrations of its efficiency for both purposes. With gusts up to 200 mph, Antarctica has Earth's highest sustained wind speeds.


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