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Vent & Chimney Snow Guards for Metal Roofs

Vent Stack Pipe & Chimney Snow Guards

VentSaver products are for metal roofs and will help prevent crushed stack pipes, vent pipes, chimneys, and broken masts from sliding snow and ice. This product can be mechanically mounted into structural support or blocking underneath on screw-down metal panels. It can also be mounted with no roof penetrations on a standing seam metal roof with the SS Ventsaver adapter mounting plate. This ingenious vent snow diverter product also adds support and strength to your stack and stove pipes while the innovative fin design cuts through packed ice and snow.

The VentSaver Advantage

• Made in the USA!

• Adds upport to vent pipes, chimneys, and masts.

• Works as a Stand-alone Solution With or Without Snow Guards.

• Innovative Fin Cuts Snow and Ice Around The Pipes and Chimneys.

• Prevents Broken Vent Pipes From Sliding Ice and Snow.

• Aircraft Grade Aluminum with Stainless Hardware

SS VentSaver Mounting Plate Clamps to Standing Seam Panel

SD VentSaver Mounting Plate Screws to Exposed Fastened Panel

VentSaver EZ, HD, & Extreme! A Lineup of Vent Pipe and Chimney Protection From Sliding Snow & Ice!

Vent & Chimney Snow Guards Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When your vent pipe or chimney falls in line with a seam, we recommend using either our SS VentSaver Plate for standing seam roofs or our SD VentSaver Plate for screw-down roofs. These plates provide extra structural support for the VentSaver while providing our customers with a larger surface for adjustable positioning.

The VentSaver Height Extender is an additional accessory that, while not required, is highly recommended for the most extreme snow conditions. This product provides extra height and structural supports to the VentSaver products for vent pipes and chimneys with a standing profile of approximately 23" - 25".

Adding an extra VentSaver Mounting Bracket to any VentSaver makes your attachment points more secure. We advise this when the snowfall is extreme. The VentSaver Extra Mounting Bracket is excellent when the installer cannot put the mounting brackets into the suggested 1.5" mounting substrate below the roof panel. An additional mounting bracket strengthens the installation and lessens the possibility of attachment failure.

The VentSaver EZ features a 12" long fin with a 9" to 12" tall profile, whereas the heavy-duty VentSaver HD features an 18" long fin with a 14" to 16" tall profile.

An adequately designed snow guard system is always advisable for any sloped roof in regions that receive winter precipitation. Combining a VentSaver with one of these systems will ensure the maximum protection for your roof. You should never install snow retention in an isolated location above a vent pipe or chimney alone. Isolated placements will be overloaded and fail, which can cause damage not only to the vent pipe but also to the panels and structure of the roof itself. VentSavers split the snow and ice around a stack pipe or chimney. A metal roof snow guard system holds the snow in place across the entire roof surface. Not just in isolated areas such as above chimneys, vents, or doorways.


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