Vent & Chimney Snow Guards for Metal Roofs

Vent Stack Pipe & Chimney Snow Guards

VentSaver products are for metal roofs and will help prevent crushed stack pipes, vent pipes, chimneys, and broken masts. This product can be mechanically mounted into a structural support or blocking underneath on screw down metal panels. It can also be mounted with no roof penetrations on a standing seam metal roof with the SS Ventsaver adapter mounting plate. This ingenious vent guard product also adds support and strength to your pipes while the innovative fin design cuts through packed ice and snow.

    The VentSaver Advantages

  • Made in the USA!
  • Adds support to vent pipes, chimneys, and masts.
  • Works as a stand alone solution with or without snow guards.
  • Innovative fin cuts snow and ice around the stack pipes and chimneys.
  • Prevents broken vent pipes from sliding ice and snow, preventing dangerous and unpleasant sewer odors.
  • Manufactured from American-made high quality, non-corrosive, aluminum featuring stainless steel hardware and aircraft cable.
  • Works on standing seam panel without penetrations with the Standing Seam VentSaver Mount Plate.
  • Compatible with any screw down metal roof panel with the Screw Down VentSaver Mount Plate.