VentSaver HD (Heavy Duty)

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Protects Vent Pipes, Chimneys and Masts From Sliding Snow and Ice

The VentSaver products are the original stack and chimney saving device specifically designed with your vent pipes, chimneys and roof masts in mind. Vent pipes and chimneys are one of the most commonly damaged items caused by sliding snow and ice on sloped metals roofs, yet their protection is often neglected and forgotten. Snow guards can protect the vents and chimneys but are only effective if used in an overall pattern across the entire roof. The VentSaver is the ultimate stand alone or additional vent pipe and chimney protection solution! Use the VentSaver on your metal roof to add support and divert snow and ice away from vent pipes, chimneys, and masts.

VentSaver HD Features VentSaver HD With Fallen Tree
The VentSaver HD (Heavy Duty) version is the largest and strongest of all the VentSaver models. The included wing kit enables it be the only model that can be used with the optional HDC height extension kit shown below.
HDC Extension Kit Outline VentSaver HD With Extension Kit

 This model is powder-coated light gray and has a standing profile of 14 inches. It comes with a wing kit that spans approximately 14 inches. Please note that the wing kit may not fit all panel profiles and is optional unless using the HDC height extension kit.

VentSaver HD Component Dimensions VentSaver Kit Components

Cut Sheet Specification Sheet Installation Instructions

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