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Model 12-24 (SD) Screw Down Ventsaver Mount Plate


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 All VentSaver models can now be mounted on most screw-down panels.

All VentSaver models can now be mounted on most screw-down panels so the mounting bracket easily lines up with the pipe. Many times a Vent Pipe or Chimney will protrude through the high seams making it difficult to align the VentSaver mounting bracket directly behind the pipe.  The SD Screw Down VentSaver Mounting Plate allows more adjustability for mounting all of the VentSaver models on mechanically fastened roofing panels.   The Model 12-24 SD VentSaver Mounting Plate is recommended for most PBR and corrugated 2.67 metal panels. It can be used with any of the VentSaver models including the new VentSaver EZ with the optional EZ Wing Kit and EZ Height Extender. The SD Plate Kit also works with the larger VentSaver HD and the included wing kit. The SD VentSaver Plate enables the Wing Kit to be installed with no wing modifications! The HD Wing Kit is necessary to install the optional VentSaver HDC Height Extension Bracket.

This kit is simple to install with basic hand tools, made in the USA, and constructed of durable, non-corrosive components.

SD VentSaver Plate Contents

The SD Ventsaver Kit Includes:

  • 12" X 27" SD VentSaver Aluminum Plate

  • Custom-fit Ice Ramp with Edging Strip (Ramp will need to be notched out to fit between ribs)

  • 1 Tube of NovaFlex All Weather Sealant for Sealing Underneath the Plate.

  • (12) 1/4-14 X 3 Inch Roofing Screws w/ Neoprene Washers. 

  • (12) 1/4-14 X 1 Inch Tech Screws

VentSaver is not included but can be selected as an option.

Screw Down Ventsaver Mount Plate Submittal Documents

The following warranty is made in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied. Recommendations for proper use of the product are based on tests believed to be reliable. Any goods proven to be defective due to materials will be replaced, or purchase price refunded, but in no event shall the manufacturer be responsible for damages in excess of the purchase price. User shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use and assumes all risks of its use or handling.
VentSaver EZ, HD, & Extreme! A Lineup of Vent Pipe and Chimney Protection From Sliding Snow & Ice!

Screw Down Ventsaver Mount Plate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can easily field-cut the provided ramp to fit the shape of your roof panels. A hack saw, chop saw, or grinder will quickly complete this task, enabling our clients to tailor the plate to meet their needs.

Yes! All three of our VentSaver models—the EZHD, and Extreme are compatible with the Screw Down VentSaver Plate Kit. To guarantee proper installation, read the instructions for your particular VentSaver model before attaching it to the plate.

The Screw Down VentSaver Plate Kit should never be used as a step or tie-off point to prevent falls. Look into the RidgePro if you're looking for a fast and reliable fall protection option.

No. With this kit, corrosion is not an issue if installed correctly. The manufacturer produces the ramp and plate of the Screw Down VentSaver Plate Kit from aluminum. There is a coating on the mounting screws that prevents corrosion. We construct our three VentSaver versions with these same premium materials.
Depending on your level of experience, installing this plate kit will vary in speed and difficulty. A significant portion of our business consists of do-it-yourself (DIY) homeowners. Your order will come with installation instructions, also accessible on our website. The riskiest aspect of installing this plate kit is working safely on a metal roof with a sloping surface. Ascending your roof to start an installation requires wearing appropriate fall protection, such as the RidgePro. Any licensed general contractor or roofing contractor should be able to install this product for you if you choose to employ a professional.

About VentSaver

In 2002, Rick Long revolutionized the industry with the patented VentSaver FB-151 and VentSaver P-383 stack and stove pipe snow guards. These products became essential as customers often misapplied snow guards in isolated areas that are prone to failure. VentSaver snow diverters effectively maintain vent stack pipes and chimneys on the roof. They have a fin and cable for support, so they divert snow and ice away from the pipes. In 2010, the VentSaver HD, designed for heavy snow regions, was released and gained rapid popularity. The SS VentSaver kit introduced non-penetrating attachment to standing seam metal roofs. VentSaver EZ replaced older FB-151 and P-383 models in 2020. In 2023, VentSaver Extreme arrived to address issues with taller, wider stove pipes, ensuring enhanced protection.


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