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VentSaver Extreme


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The Latest Innovation Added to the VentSaver Product Line

Presenting the newest model in our VentSaver product line: the VentSaver Extreme. Building on the popularity of the VentSaver EZ and VentSaver HD, the VentSaver Extreme raises the bar for chimney and metal roof stack pipe protection. For protecting your roof stacks and chimneys from the dangers of sliding snow and ice, the VentSaver Extreme is an excellent option when you need a solution that can withstand severe winter weather.

Bigger Wings for More Effective Snow Splitting

The VentSaver Extreme offers outstanding protection for the base of your pipes against the relentless forces of nature thanks to its impressive 20.5" wingspan. With a larger set of lower wings, it is better equipped than ever to handle the difficulties caused by sliding snow and ice.  Each of the lower wings is fastened to the roof system's structure, or our optional mounting plate, by four bolts. 

VentSaver Comparison

Two Mounting Bases For Extra Holding Power

You can mount the device with greater stability using the two mounting bases provided.  Having 12 heavy-duty roofing screws overall, the VentSaver Extreme's twin attachment brackets help it securely attach to your roofing framework and offer twice the fastening strength of the other VentSaver models.

Optional Upper Wing Kit Offers the Ultimate Protection

The VentSaver Extreme's optional Upper Wing Kit offers a feature that's the first of its kind on the market. This ingenious invention, exclusive to the VentSaver Extreme, provides substantial protection against sliding snow and ice damage to your chimneys and pipes' upper sections. The distinctive design of the VentSaver Extreme sets it apart from the other VentSaver models.

SnoBlox-Snojax has over forty years of experience protecting metal roofs against snow and ice slides.  Our original VentSaver products, introduced back in 2002, were designed specifically to address the issue of icy precipitation damaging vent pipes, chimneys, and roof masts. The most common vulnerabilities that are overlooked on a metal roof until it's too late are vent stack pipes, chimneys, and masts. Although snow guards can provide some protection, it is best to use them all over the roof to initially prevent the movement of snow and ice.  To safeguard your vent pipes, chimneys, and masts, the most effective stand-alone or add-on vent pipe and chimney protection options are provided by VentSaver EZ, HD, and now VentSaver Extreme.

VentSaver Extreme Submittal Documents

VentSaver Extreme Instructions

VentSaver Extreme Mounting Plate Instructions

VentSaver Extreme Cut Sheet

VentSaver Extreme Spec Sheet

Warranty: The following warranty is made in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied. Recommendations for proper use of the product are based on tests believed to be reliable. Any goods proven to be defective due to materials will be replaced or purchase price refunded, but in no event shall the manufacturer be responsible for damages in excess of the purchase price. The user shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use and assumes all risks of its use or handling.
Introducing VentSaver Extreme: Unrivaled Vent Pipe and Chimney Protection From Sliding Snow and Ice!

VentSaver Extreme Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

VentSaver vent pipe protectors are metal support brackets for metal roofs that provide your pipes with more strength and support while preventing damaged masts, chimneys, and crushed vent pipes. The VentSaver's distinctive fin design spreads snow around the pipe by slicing through compacted ice and snow during snow slides. The VentSaver features premium, non-corrosive aluminum with stainless steel components and a metal band or aircraft cable. Installers can mount the VentSaver Extreme into the structural support or wood-blocking below screw-down metal panels. Our SD VentSaver Mounting Plate can be used for installation if this isn't possible. Contractors can fasten the Ventsaver Extreme to a standing seam metal roof with the SS Ventsaver Plate without requiring seam penetrations.

The VentSaver Extreme can be installed on pipes from 1" to 14" in diameter. Depending on your roof pitch, the VentSaver Extreme has a standing profile of approximately 14" without the Upper Wing Kit. With the upper wing kit, you can increase that dimension to a 32"—34" standing profile.

The VentSaver Extreme utilizes the same vertical fin found on the VentSaver HD. When mounted without the Upper Wing Kit, the significant difference between the Extreme and HD models is the increased size of the Lower Wing Kit and the addition of an included second mounting base for additional mounting strength.

The VentSaver Extreme utilizes the same vertical fin found on the VentSaver HD. When mounted without the Upper Wing Kit, the main difference between the Extreme and HD models is the increased size of the Lower Wing Kit and the addition of an included second mounting base for additional mounting strength.

When your vent pipe or chimney runs in line with a seam, we recommend utilizing either our SS VentSaver Plate for Standing Seam roofs or our SD VentSaver Plate for screw-down roofs. These plates increase the structural stability of the VentSavers and allow installers more surface area for adjustable positioning.

The VentSaver Extreme's distinctive Upper Wing Kit offers a strong defense against sliding snow and ice, which can harm the upper sections of your pipes, vents, or chimneys. If what you are looking to protect stands significantly taller than the base model's 14" standing profile, or if your building is in an area with extreme snow loads, then the Upper Wing Kit is a must for your project.

About VentSaver

In 2002, Rick Long revolutionized the industry with the patented VentSaver FB-151 and VentSaver P-383 stack and stove pipe snow guards. These products became essential as customers often misapplied snow guards in isolated areas that are prone to failure. VentSaver snow diverters effectively maintain vent stack pipes and chimneys on the roof. They have a fin and cable for support, so they divert snow and ice away from the pipes. In 2010, the VentSaver HD, designed for heavy snow regions, was released and gained rapid popularity. The SS VentSaver kit introduced non-penetrating attachment to standing seam metal roofs. VentSaver EZ replaced older FB-151 and P-383 models in 2020. In 2023, VentSaver Extreme arrived to address issues with taller, wider stove pipes, ensuring enhanced protection.


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