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Novaflex MR150 Snow Guard Sealant


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1 unit
Snojax II , Icejax II and SnoBlox Ace:
1 Tube Seals up to 15 Pieces
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1 Tube Seals up to 25 Pieces
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Ultra-fast 48-hour curing, one-part, long-lasting sealant.

Mildew-resistant and non-flammable. Weather and water resistant. Novaflex MR-150 is only to be used for sealing snow guards when screwing them down to exposed fastener metal roofs. NovaFlex is NOT an adhesive. Since it is neutral curing, it is suitable for Kynar® galvalume or galvanized roofs. Novaflex extrudes down to -20°F and up to 120°F and is tack-free in 10-15 minutes. Novaflex with not shrink or crack and remains invisible to UV light. This sealant was designed specifically for metal roofing. VOC compliant in all 50 States.

NovaFlex Metal Roof sealant complies with the green building standard created by the NAHB and the ICC. 

Novaflex MR150 Snow Guard Sealant Submittal Documents

The following warranty is made in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied. Recommendations for proper use of the product are based on tests believed to be reliable. Any goods proven to be defective due to materials will be replaced, or purchase price refunded, but in no event shall the manufacturer be responsible for damages in excess of the purchase price. User shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use and assumes all risks of its use or handling.
NovaFlex Metal Roof Sealant for Snow Guards

Novaflex MR150 Snow Guard Sealant Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

NovaFlex Metal Roof & Panel Sealant is a neutral-curing, cold-weather, non-corrosive, single-component, oxime-cured silicone sealant. This sealant can cure in wet conditions—it will even cure underwater! Customers frequently use it as a seam sealant or joint filler in metal roof systems. We recommend it for sealing snow guards to exterior metal roof panels when installing them with mechanical fasteners.

NO! Surebond SB-190 is an adhesive that attaches polycarbonate snow guards to metal roof panels without penetration. We do not recommend using Surebond SB-190 as a sealant underneath polycarbonate snow guards when using mechanical fasteners. Novaflex MR150 is a silicone used for sealing snow guards when using screws for installation. We do not suggest using Novaflext as an adhesive to attach snow guards to your roof.

When installing snow guards with 1.5" Master Driller screws or our 2" Master Gripper screws and the Novaflex MR150 sealant, you can fasten about 10 of our larger polycarbonate snow guards and 20–25 of our smaller models. Please be advised that this may differ depending on the user's application. You should never use the MR150 as a stand-alone adhesive for attaching snow guards.

We only offer the Novaflex MR150 in clear to match our clear polycarbonate snow guards. Clear Novaflex MR150 dries to a translucent appearance.

Novaflex extrudes in temperatures between -20°F and 120°F and is tack-free in 10–15 minutes. It will not shrink or crack and remains invisible to UV light. It should achieve a complete cure in approximately 48 hours. Novaflex is perfect as a snow guard sealant because it works in wet conditions and even under water.

About NovaGard

Founded in 1977, Novagard is a Woman-owned innovator and manufacturer of silicone sealants, coatings, lubricants, and foams for the electronics, transportation/automotive, manufacturing, construction, medical, and military markets. Novagard is ISO certified 9001:2015 (QMS with Design) and IATF 16949:2016 (QMS with Design). Novagard expertise includes continuous process manufacturing, RTV silicone formulation and manufacturing, foam development and manufacturing, and silicone grease manufacturing. NovaFlex Metal Roof & Panel Adhesive Sealant cures most materials without corroding, drying to a durable, rubber-like solid impervious to UV light, so it will never chalk or fade. This general-purpose compound provides unbeatable adhesion to metal, coated metals (including Kynar®), wood, masonry, PVC, and most common construction materials.


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