IceStopper Snow Guards for Standing Seam SnoBar/Colorbar

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Size Required:
Measure How Far The Bar Sticks Up From The Panel
Product Specific:
For Most Square Perpendicularly Mounted Bar and Rail Systems
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IceStoppers prevent snow and ice from sliding under the SnoBar and ColorBar. They are mounted to the back side of the bar with 2 self-drilling tek screws (included) that are hidden from view once installed. The 90-degree angled foot adds stability and prevents the IceStoppers from bending under the bar. Because they are mechanically mounted, they can't slide side to side or allow snow to ramp over the bar, like some other competing products. IceStoppers are highly recommended, especially over pedestrian areas and walkways. They can easily be added to new SnoBar and ColorBar systems or retrofitted onto existing systems. 

12" to 16" wide standing seam panels typically have one IceStopper installed in the center of the panel valley. 18" to 24" standing seam panels require two IceStoppers proportionally spaced in each panel valley. Wider panels, such as 36" to 42" standing seam panels, require at least three IceStoppers proportionally spaced in each panel valley. To calculate which size IceStopper to use, simply measure how high your bar sits off of the panel and match it to the height of the IceStopper shown in the Products Size Options. Note: When the Product Size Options are selected, it will show an actual picture of the IceStopper with dimensions. Because some panels may have oil canning it is common for a small amount of the IceStopper to slightly stick up from the bar. This is normal and will not affect the performance of the product. Custom powder coating is available to match the rest of the SnoBar and ColorBar components.

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