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2 Bar ColorBar Mill Aluminum Snow Rails for Standing Seam Metal Roofs (6 Foot)


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Standing Seam Metal Roof With Concealed Fastener
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RCT Seam Profile Compatibility

Two Bar ColorBar is our heavy-duty aluminum snow rail system that features two super strong extruded aluminum ColorBars and Double Bar Brackets.

The double bar ColorBar snow rail system is safely and securely fastened to a standing seam panel with the patented aluminum RCT RoofClamp using stainless steel cup-tipped set screws. The Two Bar ColorBar features top-loading upper and lower bars for fast installation. Channels in the face if the bar can accept optional 2” metal color strips. Two-bar ColorBar systems can be designed for most standing seam roof systems. Mill finish 6-foot kits are in stock and shipped fast via ground shipping. Large and custom orders are usually shipped at 12-foot lengths and packed in crates that are shipped via LTL freight. Sample Bar Kits for submittal purposes are available for purchase.

Double Bar ColorBar Snow Rails are Safe for Concealed Fastener Metal Roofs

This product is perfect for standing seam metal roofs with its one-piece aluminum clamp featuring three non-penetrating cup-tipped set screws. This continuous 2-bar rail design runs the length of the roof and ensures no risk of damaging roof seams with screws or holes. The double bar ColorBar prevents rooftop avalanches that can lead to damaged gutters, HVAC units, cars, patios, and even injuries.

Two Bar ColorBar With Optional IceStopper Two Bar ColorBar With Optional IceStopper

Double Bar ColorBar Snow Rails Feature:

  • Made in America

  • Laboratory and Field-Tested for Many Years

  • Year-Round Installation

  • Both Bars Top Load For Easy installation

  • High-Grade Mill 6061 T-6 Aluminum.

  • Accepts a Two-Inch Color Strip in the Face of the Bar.

  • Powder Coated Option to Match the Roof is Available.

ColorBar Comparison

Two Bar ColorBar Snow Rails Features Unmatched Strength and Durability

Double Bar ColorBar features an extruded aluminum bar and offers unbeatable strength and durability. The product also features super strong "cup tipped" stainless steel screws, not slippery "round nose" screws. The strength of this product has been proven in both laboratory and field testing.

Easy Installation

Exclusive low torque roof clamps combined with top loading brackets make this the industry's fastest bar system to install. Fewer parts mean less labor!

Two Bar ColorBar Includes Custom Design Options

We will provide a free custom design and quote for your SnoBar system. Begin the process by submitting the Quote Request Form or call us at 1-800-SNOJAX-1 (800-766-5291) with any questions.

Two ColorBar Submittal Documents:

2 Bar ColorBar Important Disclaimer:

This snow retention system is not designed to be installed in isolated areas such as just over doorways, stack pipes, chimneys, or partial roof sections. Upper roofs, if any, must not be allowed to shed snow and ice onto lower roof areas where this product is being used. All upper roof areas must have a snow retention system in place before using this product on lower roof areas. Always obtain a manufacturer's quantity and spacing recommendation before purchasing and installing this product. If this system is not used as per the manufacturer's recommendation, severe roof panel damage, personal injury, and/or death may occur.

The following warranty is made in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied. Recommendations for proper use of the product are based on tests believed to be reliable. Any goods proven to be defective due to materials will be replaced, or purchase price refunded, but in no event shall the manufacturer be responsible for damages in excess of the purchase price. User shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use and assumes all risks of its use or handling. 1. All loads incurred by the SnoBar will be transferred to the panels. Therefore, proper panel attachment to substrate/structure is necessary to prevent roof panels from sliding under snow load. New and existing structures must be evaluated to insure they can withstand retained snow loads. (In instances where there is an overhang at the eave edge, it is imperative to make sure that the overhang can hold the accumulated loading, otherwise the first row of SnoBar should occur at the bearing wall.) 2. It is not recommended to place the SnoBar System in isolated areas such as doorways, vents and partial roof areas. Please call for special design considerations in those areas. 3. Consider whether your roof system and/or substrates (felts or membranes) run the risk of ice damming with the addition of this type of system. 4. The SnoBar Clamp System requires the roof panel to be a min. of 24 GA. steel and have a seam height of at least 1". Clamp spacing cannot exceed 24"O.C. Clamp spacing varies dependign on seam spacing (12" o.c. up to 42" o.c). Clamps should be placed at every seam, so that the load is distributed evenly to every roof panel. It is not recommended to use a clamp type system when the roof uses a seperate seam cover or batten. 5. The U-Bracket System requires a purlin or structural support beneath it to mount to. 6. No snow retention system is capable of retaining 100% of snow and ice from falling off the roof. 7. Designer/Arhitect, Installer, or Owner of the project should have knowledge of the local snow loads, climatic conditions, roof slope, roof orientation, and roof design prior to installing SnoBar. 8. After considering the above factors, the determine lineal feet of SnoBar required is based on length of panels, roof slope, snow loading and areas needing protection from falling snow. (Call SnoBlox-SnoJax for clamp and bar loading values.) 9. It is the sole responsibility fo the Designer/Architect, Installer, or Owner to assess the suitability of using the SnoBar System based on the above design considerations. SnoBlox-SnoJax or any or its subsidiaries, or Riddell & Company, Inc and Action Manufacturing are under no liability if failure occurs from improper installation, improper set screw torque, improper panel attachment, improper roof system installation, improper use of the SnoBar system or under designed system placement of the SnoBar system. This is a special-order item, thus All Sales are Final. Sorry, no returns accepted.
SnoBar 2-Bar Snow Retention System for Metal Roofs

About SnoBar-ColorBar

In 1992, Don Drew and Dick Riddell invented SnoBar, the original standing seam-mounted snow rail, earning a patent the following year. The first version, Sno Horse, was installed by Jim Huff at Denver International Airport in 1992. Inspired by office desk name plates, he ingeniously created an aluminum bar with a channel that could accept a strip of colored metal in its face. This design evolved into ColorBar, featuring rapid installation with patented drop-in clamps. Roof clamps, available in stainless steel or aluminum, secure the bar to standing seam metal roofs, making SnoBar the longest-standing snow rail system. There is a SnoBar and ColorBar snow retention system for every sloped roof prone to snow slides. Both snow rails can be powder-coated to match your metal roof.


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