27" SnoBar / ColorBar Sample

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6 units
Demonstration and Presentation Only

Product Description:

The SnoBar and ColorBar sample kits are sold in 27" sections and are for submittal or demonstration purpose only. The price includes 27" of Gatorshield® galvanized SnoBar or 27" of Aluminum ColorBar, depending on the option selected. Choose the method of attachment from the option menu above. This sample kit will include the type of bar selected along with the chosen attachment option and tek screws for attaching the bar to the mount. IceStoppers are not included and can be ordered separately. This kit allows a full mock up of SnoBar or ColorBar bar systems on a panel up to 24" wide.

Sample Kit  Disclaimer:

The sample kits are NOT sold for use on roofs for any reason other than for demonstration purposes.  These sample kits are NOT designed to hold the weight of a person and have not been tested for fall protection. They are NOT to be used as a tie off point, roof steps, guardrails or for any fall protection purpose. Use of this sample kit for snow and ice retention will create an isolated holding field that extends further than the bar. The capacity of the bar and or attachment point could be exceeded. Isolated fields of snow retention can release suddenly and cause property damage, bodily injury and or possible death. SnoBar and ColorBar systems are not designed to be used in isolated areas on a roof.