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Standing Seam Metal Roof With Concealed Fastener
6063-T5 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
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SnoCleat RC Standing Seam Profiles SnoCleat Components


The SnoCleat RCT and RC are a line of standing seam-mounted snow guards that can be installed at any time of the year. This product features a large 4-inch-wide face designed to accept a 2-inch-wide color strip to match your roof. The RC version fits most standing seams up to 1" wide. Interior Clamp Dimensions: 1” Wide x 1” High.


This is the only seam-mounted snow guard product to offer an exclusive 3" swivel bracket that allows for a 31-degree angle adjustment in hips and converging valleys. If more angle adjustment is needed, the RCB-3 Swivel Bracket that swivels to 31 degrees may be substituted in place of the included RCB-3 Swivel Bracket. The torque on the mounting bracket can be adjusted to help protect the seams in the event of heavy snow and ice impact. The RoofClamp RC and RCT mounting clamps have been shear tested and tensile tested by a nationally known testing lab. Always review the spacing guidelines and panel compatibility before purchasing.

Note: If more angle adjustment is necessary on hips and converging valleys, please request the wider RCB-3 three-inch swivel bracket. The optional RCB-3 mounting bracket adjusts up to a 31-degree angle.

Special Note: Since there is no release factor on individual standing seam-mounted snow guards, panel damage may occur in the event of a sudden snow slide. "Caveat Emptor" is a common problem and a major concern with other brands of seam-mounted snow guards. This common problem may be mitigated by decreasing the torque setting on our exclusive swivel bracket. Snow guards should never be used on isolated areas of a roof, such as over vents, chimneys, or doorways. Multiple rows of snow guards may be required, depending on roof pitch and length of the run. The most effective method of retaining snow and ice on a metal roof is to follow the suggested manufacturer’s SnoCleat RC spacing guideline before installing this snow guard system.


Optional Color Matching: The face of this guard can be equipped with a user-supplied piece of metal roofing 2" wide, as shown in the above picture. Powder coating can also be provided at an additional fee. For pricing and availability, please call us at 1-800-766-5291.

SnoCleat RC with Optional ColorStrip
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