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SnoCleat RC


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6063-T5 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
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SnoCleat RC Standing Seam Profiles SnoCleat Components

The SnoCleat RCT and RC are a line of standing seam-mounted snow guards that can be installed at any time of the year.

This product features a large 4-inch-wide face designed to accept a 2-inch-wide color strip to match your roof. The RC version fits most standing seams up to 1" wide. Interior Clamp Dimensions: 1” Wide x 1” High.

This is the only seam-mounted snow guard product to offer an exclusive 3" swivel bracket that allows for a 31-degree angle adjustment in hips and converging valleys. If more angle adjustment is needed, the RCB-3 Swivel Bracket that swivels to 31 degrees may be substituted in place of the included RCB-3 Swivel Bracket. The torque on the mounting bracket can be adjusted to help protect the seams in the event of heavy snow and ice impact. The RoofClamp RC and RCT mounting clamps have been shear-tested and tensile-tested by a nationally known testing lab. Always review the spacing guidelines and panel compatibility before purchasing.

SnoCleat RC Note

If more angle adjustment is necessary on hips and converging valleys, please request the wider RCB-3 three-inch swivel bracket. The optional RCB-3 mounting bracket adjusts up to a 31-degree angle.

SnoCleat RC Special Note

Since there is no release factor on individual standing seam-mounted snow guards, panel damage may occur in the event of a sudden snow slide. "Caveat Emptor" is a common problem and a major concern with other brands of seam-mounted snow guards. This common problem may be mitigated by decreasing the torque setting on our exclusive swivel bracket. Snow guards should never be used on isolated areas of a roof, such as over vents, chimneys, or doorways. Multiple rows of snow guards may be required, depending on the roof pitch and length of the run. The most effective method of retaining snow and ice on a metal roof is to follow the suggested manufacturer’s SnoCleat RC spacing guideline before installing this snow guard system.

SnoCleat RC Optional Color Matching

The face of this guard can be equipped with a user-supplied piece of metal roofing 2" wide, as shown in the above picture. Powder coating can also be provided at an additional fee. For pricing and availability, please call us at 1-800-766-5291.

SnoCleat RC with Optional ColorStrip

SnoCleat RC Submittal Documents

The following warranty is made in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied. Recommendations for proper use of the product are based on tests believed to be reliable. Any goods proven to be defective due to materials will be replaced, or purchase price refunded, but in no event shall the manufacturer be responsible for damages in excess of the purchase price. User shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use and assumes all risks of its use or handling.
SnoCleat Standing Seam Snow Guards for Metal Roofs

SnoCleat RC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The coarse threaded set screws with anti-seizing stainless steel on the SnoCleat RC make reattachment and retightening simple. Although the cupped tip set screws will penetrate the roof's painted finish to create a positive lock to the panel, the space between the set screw's tip and the seam permanently seals, preventing exposure to the weather. If your SnoCleat RC needs to be removed or repositioned, always inquire with the roof manufacturer about the necessity for touch-up paint.

No! Using the SnoCleat RC and RCT as a step or tie-off point for fall protection is never appropriate. If you're looking for a quick and dependable fall protection solution, we suggest checking into the RidgePro.

It is important to remember that the torque ratings of the SnoCleat RC and RCT are in inch pounds (in-lb) and not foot pounds (ft-lb) when using them. With minimal panel deflection and no penetration, the SnoCleat establishes a posi-lock connection to the panel using three cupped tip set screws. It only requires 90 in-lbs of torque, unlike other clamps that frequently require torque settings as high as 150 in-lbs.

Many of the most widely used standing seam panels available today are compatible with the SnoCleat RC and RCT. The less costly SnoCleat RC is an excellent choice for most roofing applications. If your project has a T-seam or bulb seam panel, you should use the RCT. The RCT is also compatible with all the same seams as the RC model. Please refer to our panel compatibility chart for further details regarding panel fitment for these clamps.

Rarely, if the ground snow load and roof pitch are both low, one row might work for your project. However, it is usually necessary to have multiple rows that run the length of the roof and up the slope for the best possible weight distribution. Maintaining snow and ice in their proper places allows them to melt and run into the gutters safely. Despite what the general public believes, snow guards do not serve as an impact barrier to prevent snow and ice from sliding down the roof. The weight of snow in a cubic foot can vary from 1 to over 21 pounds, contingent upon its moisture content. Because adding motion velocity can significantly increase the force on your snow guards, you must minimize movement.

About SnoBlox-Snojax

In the late 1970s, we embarked on a quest for an improved snow guard solution that would be non-corrosive and nearly invisible to preserve the building's aesthetic appeal. After extensive testing, we obtained a patent for Snojax®, the world's first screw-down, clear, non-corrosive, polycarbonate snow guard. In 1985, we innovated further with the release of Snojax II, the world's first glue-down polycarbonate snow guard. By 2000, we introduced two patented SnoBlox® models, "Ace" and "Deuce," offering an economical alternative and resolving the challenge of straddling minor ribs. These models boasted the industry's first patented waffled base design, enhancing adhesive bonding. In 2005, we expanded our offerings with Icejax I and Icejax II, which were validated through rigorous testing by the renowned ATI professional testing laboratory. Our Snojax®, SnoBlox®, Icejax™, and SnowCatcher™ brands are the epitome of robust snow guards in the industry, validated by comprehensive testing.


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