IceJax II


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For Panel Type:
Most Metal Panels with at Least 5” Panel Flat
Mounting Position:
Mounted Flat Side Down or Flip Over to Straddle a Minor Rib
SB-190 or Screws and Silicone Options::
A minimum quantity of 25 Pieces is required for Attachment Options.
Processing Time:
Same or Next Day (Mon-Fri)
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IceJax II Spacing Recommendation

Please refer to the spacing guideline page for proper snow guard placement.

The IceJax II's Key Features:

  • Made in America

  • A flat, forward-facing design is proven to cause less roof stress, failures, and leaks than other competing options

  • Easy installation

Our Strongest Polycarbonate Snow Guard!

The IceJax II is a snow guard product that features outside struts that make it stronger and reinforce its unique interchangeable sides. The IceJax II is a comparable snow guard to the SnoJax II and offers a more economical price point with stronger results. Please note, that placement only in isolated areas such as chimneys, doorways, vents, and partial roof sections is not recommended.

The Icejax II's Patented Interchangeable Design

This patented design still features unique interchangeable sides that can either be mechanically fastened or adhesive mounted. Use the flat side down on at least 5" of flat surface or simply flip the unit over to straddle a minor rib on a 12" R-Panel (Not recommended for 9" R-Panels). Starter points are provided on both sides for mechanical fastening with self-drilling screws. Professional ATI test results show the Icejax II held an astonishing 6388 pounds when screw mounted and a mind-blowing 1561 pounds when adhesive mounted using the Surebond SB-190. All tests were performed simulating realistic snow-loading conditions applied to the face of the guard.

IceJax II Submittal Documents

* Orders that are less than 25 pieces are not eligible for the SB-190 adhesive or screws and silicone sealant addon attachment option. 

The following warranty is made in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied. Recommendations for proper use of the product are based on tests believed to be reliable. Any goods proven to be defective due to materials will be replaced, or purchase price refunded, but in no event shall the manufacturer be responsible for damages in excess of the purchase price. User shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use and assumes all risks of its use or handling.
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    Posted by Jerry Rusch on May 21st 2020

    Great product and great service

About SnoBlox-Snojax

In the late 1970s, we sought a better snow guard that would be non-corrosive and almost invisible but not detract from the building's appearance. After years of testing for our new idea, we were awarded a patent on the world's first screw-down clear, non-corrosive, polycarbonate snow guard called Snojax®. In 2000, we introduced two uniquely designed patented SnoBlox® models, the "Ace" and the "Deuce." We created these models to offer the industry an economical solution to eliminate the confusion associated with straddling minor ribs. The SnoBlox® models also feature the industry's first patented waffled base design that enhances the bonding power of the adhesive. In 2005, we introduced two different-size models, the Icejax I and the Icejax II. We hired the internationally renowned ATI professional testing laboratory to test our snow guard models. These tests proved that the Snojax®, SnoBlox®, Icejax™, and SnowCatcher™ brands are the industry's most robust snow guards!

IceJax II "The Strongest Snow Guards Money Can Buy!"

Icejax II Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)