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Adhesive Mounted Snow Guards

Adhesive-mounted snow guards are devices used on rooftops to prevent snow and ice from sliding off in large, potentially dangerous chunks. They are typically installed on metal roofs, especially standing seam metal roofs that don’t allow for roof penetration caused by mechanically fastened snow guards. They can also be installed on other types of metal panels where roof penetration is not desired. It is important to note that glue mounted snow guards must be spaced properly across the entire roof to help distribute the weight of snow and ice more evenly.

Adhesive Snow Guards Info

Adhesive Mounted Snow Guards Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We base snow guard layouts on the ground snow load for a specific town, city, or county. Meteorologists calculate a snow load by averaging multiple years of winter precipitation data. Even the best layout can fail if a specific geographic location receives unusually high snow and ice levels. The glue-down system's beauty lies in its ability to release the guards from the roof without damaging the guards, roof panels, or structure if unfavorable weather conditions arise. Once the weather warms up, you can re-attach the guards.

We produce our clear snow guards in the USA from 100% virgin polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is strong, lightweight, and thirty times more durable than acrylic. Its UV stabilization keeps it from deteriorating and making the guards fragile. It is the same material used on astronauts' face masks.

Depending on your skill level, installing adhesive-mountedpad-style snow guards can be quick and easy. Many of our clients are do-it-yourself homeowners. Installation guidelines are available on our website and sent with your order. The riskiest part of installing snow guards is working safely on a slippery, sloped metal roof. Please ensure you utilize appropriate fall protection, such as the RidgePro, before starting an installation and climbing onto your roof. Any licensed general or roofing contractor should be capable of installing these guards for you if you choose to hire a professional.

Not all plastic snow guards are created equal. We only utilize virgin, UV-stabilized polycarbonate made in the USA. Our polycarbonate snow guards may lose some clarity with time, but they rarely amber.

Correctly installed snow guards with a properly designed layout should require little to no maintenance. We recommend a yearly inspection, typically in the spring, to determine if any have become dislodged from the roof. In the event of a release, you can clean the roof with soap and water, then re-apply the guard to the same spot with SureBond SB-190. The newly applied SureBond will bond to the existing adhesive on the roof.

The purpose of a properly designed layout is to distribute the weight of the snow and ice over the entire roof surface without isolating it into a small section.

The only adhesive we recommend our customers use for installing our clear, polycarbonate snow guards is SureBond SB-190. This glue is the industry standard and our only choice after years of comparison testing against many other adhesives.


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