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For Panel Type:
All Metal Roof Panels With at Least 1.5" Panel Flat
SB-190 or Screws and Silicone Options::
A minimum quantity of 25 Pieces is required for Attachment Options.
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Same or Next Day (Mon-Fri)
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  • Made in America
  • Easy to install
  • Most Versatile Snow Guard Available! 
  • Can be installed with screws, adhesive or tape
  • Safely breaks apart sliding snow and ice!

 SnowBreaker Dimensional PictureSnowBreaker Breaking Snow

The SnowBreakers are a snow splitter snow guards for metal roofs. Rather than hold the snow and ice on the roof, this product breaks it up so it can shed from the roof in smaller pieces, thus minimizing the danger. This is the best of both worlds because the snow and ice can shed the roof faster than conventional snow retention while providing a level of safety protection.

SnowBreaker Installed in a Reverse Direction
When mounted with screws or SB-190 adhesive, the SnowBreaker can be installed in a reversed direction with the pointed side facing downhill as show above. The unit will then act as a snow retention system to catch and holds the snow and ice on the roof. This can not be achieved with the tape on method as the tape has limited holding strength.

The SnowBreaker can be installed on both types of roofs:

  • Screw Down Roof with Exposed Fasteners: you can simply screw the SnowBreaker down into a purlin or structural support below.

  • Standing Seam Roof: You can elect to install the SnowBreaker with the SB-190 adhesive or 3m tape option (3M tape option will still require a bead of SB-190 around the perimeter for extra protection. We include one free tube of SB-190 with every 50 SnowBreaker 3M guards) 

SnowBreaker Snow Guards PictureSnowBreaker On Roof

Safe for You and Your Roof
The SnowBreaker is very effective in preventing damage caused by the sudden release of snow and ice, all with less worries of overloading your roof. No other snow guard can make this claim! As the snow and ice slide on the roof, this cost-effective product minimizes the danger by slicing the frozen precipitation into small pieces so it can safely come off the roof.


Wintertime Application
Because of the cutting edge design, it is not conducive to receiving a significant sheer load so there is a peel and stick version for installation in cooler weather. 

The Solution for Isolated Areas and Doorways
In theory, a snow guard can not hold snow and ice in an isolated area on a roof because the load of the frozen mass will extend to the unprotected area. This severely overloads the snow retention system and will cause premature release and eventual failure. The SnowBreaker is not designed to hold snow for very long so this theory can be modified by placing the SnowBreaker in a 45 degree outward angle over the desired isolated area to protect. This is a huge cost savings over conventional snow guard systems that require the entire roof area to have snow retention just to protect isolated areas. Please see Isolated Placement Guide for guidelines on isolated areas.

* Orders that are less than 25 pieces are not eligible for the SB-190 adhesive or screws and silicone addon attachment option.

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