Accessories for Metal Roof Snow Guards

An Array of Accessories For Snow Retention Systems

Metal roof snow guards have an array of accessories available to prevent the dangerous movement of frozen precipitation on a sloped roof. Accessories are additional components or features that can enhance the functionality and performance of snow guards on a roof. These accessories are often used to customize snow guard systems to meet specific needs and to improve their effectiveness in preventing snow and ice avalanches on metal roofs.

Products such as the SureBond SB-190 snow guard adhesive can be used to mount snow guards to a metal roof without panel penetration. Silicone sealants are used to make a weathertight seal underneath and around the perimeter of mechanically attached snow guards.

For convenience, SnoBar and ColorBar components are available to purchase separately just in case components get lost on the job site. IceStoppers are an important add-on item that can often be overlooked when ordering a snow rail system; they can easily be retrofitted to the system after it is installed.

Sometimes vent stack pipes and chimneys need some extra protection. That’s why there are several types of VentSavers to choose from, including several plate-mounted standing seam options.

LeafBlox gutter guards provide continuous gutter protection and have even been shown to reduce gutter ice in the winter. The UV-resistant black polypropylene bristles absorb heat from the sun and can help melt ice and snow in your gutters.

Types of Accessories

Accessories Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)