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SataMount Standing Seam Starlink Satellite Dish Mounting Bracket


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Standing Seam, Concealed Fastener
Starlink Mount Compatibility:
Starlink Gen1, Gen2, Gen 3 w/ Optional Pivot Mount
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Standing Seam Starlink Mounting Solution

Works with the new Gen 3 Starlink Optional Standard Pivot Mount!

With unrivaled strength and durability, SataMount™ premium satellite bracket for standing seam metal roofs is a universal fit solution for attaching satellite dishes. A satellite dish is merely shown for illustration and is not actually included. This standing seam dish mount works with most satellite dishes, including the Starlink V1, V2 standard brackets that came with your Starlink kit. SataMount™ is also compatible with the popular V1, V2, and V3 Starlink Pivot Mounts. Additionally, SataMount™ works well for installing conduits, solar microinverters, electrical junction boxes, and just about everything else that has to be mounted to a standing seam metal roof.

The SataMount standing seam metal roof satellite mount system is an exciting choice for homeowners, building owners, contractors, and satellite businesses alike. The RoofClamp is made to fit around 95% of the standing-seam roofs that are currently in use. Thanks to its flexible design and precise manufacturing, it fits securely and seamlessly on a variety of standing seam roofs, eliminating the need for product modifications.

*STARLINK is a trademark of Space Exploration Technologies Corp.

SataMount Seam Clamp Compatibility

A Durable and Dependable Satellite Dish Starlink Mounting Option

This SataMount premium satellite mounting solution for standing seam metal roofs ensures a durable and dependable satellite dish mounting option by withstanding even the worst weather conditions. Defender-coated P1000T 27" Unistruts can support 1,690 pounds per strut and work with standing seam metal panels spaced up to 24".

Four aluminum RoofClamp RCT clamps, two 27-inch Unistrut sections with a 100-year service life Defender finish, Defender-coated spring nut channel bolts, and 304 stainless steel screws and washers make up this system.

SataMount Components

Included Component List

(4) RCT RoofClamps with 3 Stainless Set Screws and 1 Stainless Top Bolt and Washer.
(4) ¼-20x1.5” 304 Stainless Steel Bolts
(4) ¼” 304 Stainless Steel Flat Washers
(4) Black Vinyl End Caps
(2) 27” P1000T DF Unistrut with 100+ year service life Defender finish, 12 ga. 1-5/8” 
(4) ¼-20 Defender Series Spring Channel Nuts

Service Life Salt Spray Test

SataMount™ RCT Compatibility with Each Generation of Starlink®

The standing seam SataMount™ RCT is essential when mounting a Starlink® satellite dish to a concealed fastener metal roof.

A standing seam metal roof should never have exposed fasteners screwed into the panels. The four included roof clamps that come with the SataMount™ eliminate roof penetrations and fit 95 percent of the standing seam panel profiles on the market.

According to the Starlink® shop website, no pivot mount is available with the first-generation V-1 model, but the stock mounting bracket will be adequate for use with the SataMount™. Customers can install the second-generation V-2 model and the High-Performance Business Version using the standard bracket included with the original kit or the optional pivot mount for sale in the Starlink® shop. The newest third-generation V-3/V-4 is trickier because it only has a kickstand to provide more of a mobile mounting solution. To enable compatibility between the Gen 3 Starlink® dish and the SataMount™, customers should purchase the dedicated Gen 3 pivot mount from the Starlink® shop website. The optional Starlink® Gen 3 Mast Adapter kit slides into the kickstand slot and includes a mast and (SataMount™ compatible) pivot mount. The Starlink RV and marine flat high-performance mobile versions are made for use on the move but can also be mounted on a metal roof with the SataMount™ using the optional Starlink® Flat High-Performance Pipe Adapter and a two-inch J-Mount mast with a roof/wall bracket.

Starlink Dish Compatibility With The SataMount RCT

SataMount RCT Standing Seam Starlink Mount Submittal Documents

Cut Sheet

Specification Sheet

Instruction Sheet

Standing Seam Compatibility

Introducing The SataMount™ Satellite Dish Standing Seam Mounting Bracket (Starlink Compatible)

SataMount RCT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Atkore Defender premium finish can withstand corrosive and harsh environments. It has a service life that is between that of stainless steel and hot-dip galvanized systems. According to independent testing, Atkore Defender is three times more corrosion-resistant than hot-dip galvanized products. Atkore Defender also avoids using pricey stainless steel hardware.

The SataMount™ secures in place using four Roofclamp RCTs that use cupped-tip stainless steel set screws. This proven set screw design creates a posi-lock attachment and offers superior strength without penetration of the panel. Our cupped tip set screws only require 90 in-lbs of torque (not foot-pounds) compared to the competition, which requires up to 150 in-lbs of torque.

• Avoids the Need for Costly Stainless Steel Hardware

• Significant Cost Savings

• 3x the Performance of Hot-Dip Galvanized

• Unique Self-Healing Properties

• Corrosion-Resistant

• 10-Year Warranty

The Unistrut Defender’s finish can self-heal as one of its distinctive features. The finish will spread into any cuts or scratches occurring on the product in the field, preventing the need for additional touch-ups and creating a sense of confidence that the material will offer long-lasting protection against corrosion in the field.

You must never use the SataMount™ as a step or a tie-off point for fall protection. The same is true for any snow guard or rail system. We advise looking into the RIDGEPRO™ if you need a quick and reliable fall protection option.

In areas prone to receiving winter precipitation, the SataMount assembly should be mounted within 3’ of the roof peak or protected by a snow retention system. The designers did not intend for the SataMount and satellite dishes to withstand snow loads.

The designers created the SataMount RCT for standing seam concealed fastener metal roofs that cannot accept screw-down mounting. If you have a mechanically fastened screw-down roof, consider using the screw-down version called Satamont MRM.

Yes, the SataMount RCT is compatible with all Starlink Pivot Mounts.

About SataMount

The SataMount™ is the ultimate solution for mounting Starlink satellites on your metal roof! We listened to our customers’ requests for a robust and heavy-duty satellite mount, and this revolutionary product innovation results from our dedication to customer satisfaction. Its compatibility with all generations of Starlink pivot mounting brackets makes it the perfect choice for any Starlink user wanting to mount a dish on a metal roof. Whether you have a standing seam metal roof or a screw down PBR panel, the SataMount™ covers all your needs. With a lifetime guarantee, you can trust that your satellite will remain safely mounted for many years. Don't settle for anything less than the best—choose the SataMount™ today!


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