Set Screws for SnoBar ColorBar Clamp (50 Pack)


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Whats Included:
50 Cup Tip Stainless Steel Set Screws
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These Set Screws are used for the RoofClamp RC and RCT, along with the SnoBar/ColorBar Clamps.

3/8-16 X 1-1/4 Cup Tip Stainless Steel Set Screws for the RoofClamp, and SnoBar-ColorBar Clamp. Sold in packs of 50.

About RoofClamp

In 2010, SnoBlox-Snojax started selling the patented Universal RoofClamp™, a standing seam clamp for accessory attachment on metal roofing. Paul Riddell of Action Manufacturing LLC, the son of Dick Riddell, one of the inventors of the first standing seam roof clamp patented in 1993, invented it. This revolutionary universal fit roof clamp product attaches almost anything to a standing seam roof. Installers can secure satellite dishes, roof walkways, conduits, or HVAC lines with the clamp. RoofClamp can also be used to attach signs or awnings. The RCT model fits over 95 percent of the standing seam panels on the market, so there is no need to stock the many sizes of clamps that many other manufacturers require. The aluminum RoofClamp™ utilizes three stainless-steel cup-tipped screws that do not pierce or penetrate the panel; therefore, it will not damage the panel or void the panel manufacturer's warranty.