Torque Wrench

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Ideal for accurately torquing the our Stainless Steel Set Screws to the correct settings. Our Stainless Steel Cupped Tip Set Screws are used with the RC or RCT and most commonly used with our Bar Retention Systems. It is easily adjustable in IN/LBS and includes a hard case for making sure this important tool is kept secure. Utilizing a heavy duty cam and pawl mechanism, this reversible 1/4 in. drive click-type torque wrench is the go-to tool when precise torque is necessary. The wrench’s design provides a torque range from 20-200 in. lbs. and is accurate to within +/- 4%.

  • Torque range: 20-200 in. lbs.
  • Reversible
  • Click-type, accurate within +/- 4%
  • Heavy duty cam and pawl mechanism
  • Includes 3/16" socket.


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