SataMount Screw-Down Satellite Dish Mount Starlink Compatible

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When a heavy-duty satellite mounting solution is desired, this satellite mount will not disappoint.

The SataMount™ premium satellite mounting bracket for screw-down metal roofs is a heavy-duty, universal-fit solution for attaching satellite dishes and more. A satellite dish is merely shown for illustration and is not actually included. This system works with most satellite dishes, including Starlink V1 and V2. Additionally, SataMount™ works well for installing conduits, solar microinverters, electrical junction boxes, and just about everything else that needs to be mounted to a screw-down metal roof.

Panel Profile Compatibility

The SataMount MRM (Metal Roof Mount) screw-down roof satellite mount system is the preferred choice for homeowners, building owners, contractors, and satellite businesses alike. The SataBracket will fit any screw-down metal roof that has at least 1.5 inches of flat area. The SataBracket is designed to screw into the metal roof panel flats on exposed fastener systems. Most Ag Panel and PBR-Panel manufacturers recommend screwing into the flat portion of the metal roof panel to avoid roof leaks. Thanks to its flexible design and precise manufacturing, the SataMount MRM fits securely and seamlessly on a variety of screw-down metal roofs, eliminating the need for product modifications. This product may also be used on some shingle roofs with the proper preparation.

SataBracket vs Others

Included Component List

(4) RCT SataBrackets with Gaskets, 8 Metal Roof Screws, and 1 Stainless Top Bolt and Washer Each
(4) ¼-20x1.5” 304 Stainless Steel Bolts
(4) ¼” 304 Stainless Steel Flat Washers
(4) Black Vinyl End Caps
(2) 27” P1000T DF Unistrut with 100+ year service life Defender finish, 12 ga. 1-5/8” 
(4) ¼-20 Defender Series Spring Channel Nuts

SataMount MRM Components

Durable and dependable satellite dish mounting!

This SataMountn MRM premium satellite mounting solution for screw-down metal roofs ensures a durable and dependable satellite dish mounting option by withstanding even the worst weather conditions. The Defender-coated P1000T 27" Unistrut can support over 1,600 pounds per strut when the SataBracks are spaced 24" apart.

Service Life Salt Spray Test

Most standing seam, concealed fastener-type metal roofs cannot accept screw fasteners and will require the SataMount RCT with roof clamps.

SataMount MRM Submittal Documents

Cut Sheet

SataMount MRM Specification Sheet

SataMount MRM Instruction Sheet

SataMount MRM Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)