SataBracket (MRM) Metal Roof Mount For Exposed Fastener Metal Roofs


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SataBracket Metal Roof Brackets For Exposed Fastener Metal Roofs

The SataBracket™ MRM (Metal Roof Mount) is a versatile bracket that offers innovative support for Unistrut® channels on screw-down metal roofing. It's adaptable for mounting a wide range of items onto exposed-fastened roof systems and seamlessly aligns with nearly any trapezoidal exposed-fastened profile. This heavy-duty mounting solution can be installed inside and outside buildings, making it an ideal choice for any application. The SataBracket™ MRM comes equipped with a weather-sealing gasket and eight screw holes that can accommodate ¼-inch screws, ensuring a secure and safe installation of Unistrut® channels. We use this product to secure the SataMount satellite dish and Starlink pivot mounts when attaching to screw-down metal roofs.

Works With Most Solar Panel Roof Mounting Rails

The SataBracket™ MRM is the ultimate solution for attaching slotted metal framing strut channels to almost anything. With a beefy 3/8"-16 X ¾-inch threaded stainless steel top bolt and stainless washer, you can rest assured that your strut channel will be securely fastened to the mounting bracket, ensuring top-quality stability.

Always Place Mounting Brackets In The Metal Panel Flat

When installing something on a screw-down metal roof, fasten screws through the panel flats into structural support rather than stitching mounting brackets just to the high panel seams. Most panel manufacturers suggest fastening only through the flat portion of a screw-down metal roof panel so the screw holes don't oblong over time.

Heavy Duty Unistrut® Channel Metal Roof Mounts

Our heavy-duty strut mounting base accepts eight 1/4-inch screws for heavy-duty mounting of metal framing channels on screw-down metal roofs and steel wall panels. The SataBracket™ MRM comes with a weather-sealing gasket and eight screw holes in the mounting base, ensuring a secure and weather-resistant installation. Please note that there are no metal roof screws or struts included with the SataBracket™ MRM.

Panel Profile Compatibility

The SataMount MRM (Metal Roof Mount) screw-down metal roof mount is the preferred choice for homeowners, building owners, contractors, and satellite businesses alike. The SataBracket will fit any screw-down metal roof that has at least 1.5 inches of flat area. The SataBracket is designed to screw into the metal roof panel flats on exposed fastener systems. Most Ag Panel and PBR-Panel manufacturers recommend screwing into the flat portion of the metal roof panel to avoid roof leaks. Thanks to its flexible design and precise manufacturing, the SataBracket MRM fits securely and seamlessly on a variety of screw-down metal roofs, eliminating the need for product modifications. This product may also be used on some shingle roofs with the proper preparation.

SataBracket vs Others

Included Component List

(1) SataBracket with Gasket

Cut Sheet

SataMount MRM Specification Sheet

SataBracket MRM Instruction Sheet

About SataMount

The SataMount™ is the ultimate brand for mounting Starlink satellites on your metal roof! We listened to our customers’ requests for a robust and heavy-duty satellite mount, and this revolutionary product innovation results from our dedication to customer satisfaction. Its compatibility with all generations of Starlink pivot mounting brackets makes it the perfect choice for any Starlink user wanting to mount a dish on a metal roof. Whether you have a standing seam metal roof or a screw down PBR panel, the SataMount™ covers all your needs. With a lifetime guarantee, you can trust that your satellite will remain safely mounted for many years. Don't settle for anything less than the best—choose the SataMount™ today!