VentSaver EZ (New Model)

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Protects Vent Pipes, Chimneys and Masts From Sliding Snow and Ice
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The VentSaver products are the original snow control prevention solution for vent pipes, chimneys and masts. Vent pipes are one of the most commonly damaged items from snow and ice, yet they are often forgotten. Snow Guards are often misapplied by placing a few guard above the chimney or stack. Most of the time this misapplication will not work because the guards are not designed to protect isolated areas on a roof. Don't neglect your pipes, use the VentSaver that is specially designed to divert snow and ice away from your pipes and while adding needed support under heavy snow loads.

The Ventsaver EZ is our newest upgraded version! It will soon replace the VentSaver P-383 and the FB-151. The purpose of this product is to protect vent pipes, chimneys and masts on most metal roofs. The VentSaver EZ is now our most versatile VentSaver product. The snow cutting fin is now wider and stronger than our previous P-383 and FB-151 models and there are now Wing Kit and Height Extension addon options. It has a standing profile of 9 inches and comes in a standard mill aluminum finish that can be painted or left bare.


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