VentSaver Extra Mounting Bracket With Hardware

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1 unit
Whats Included::
(1) 12" Aluminum Mounting Bracket, (6) #14 Two Inch Mounting Screws and (3) 1" stainless bolts with stainless locknuts
VentSaver Compatibility:
All VentSaver Models
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Same or Next Day (Mon-Fri)
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VentSaver Extra Mounting Bracket Key Features

  • Made in America

  • Quick, easy installation

  • Made from aircraft-quality aluminum with stainless steel hardware

  • Adds 6 mounting points to the VentSaver attachment.

  • Retrofits to existing VentSaver products 

  • Fits VentSaver EZ, HD. P-383 and FB-151.

  • Includes one 12" Aluminum Base Bracket, (6) 1/4X2" Wood Screws, (3) stainless 1/4X1" Bolts and (3) stainless 1/4" lock nuts.


Recommended for the most extreme snow conditions.

Adding an extra VentSaver mounting Bracket to any VentSaver provides an extra level of security to your attachment points. This is great for applications where the installer may not be able to attach the mounting brackets to the recommended 1.5" mounting substrate below. Adding an extra mounting bracket increases the holding power and reduces the likelihood of attachment failure.

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