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10 Questions  You Have About LeafBlox Gutter Guards
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10 Questions You Have About LeafBlox Gutter Guards

Posted by Derek Gamble - SnoBlox-Snojax Specialist on Jan 2nd 2024

Image showing LeafBlox in a gutter with a few scattered leaves.

LeafBlox is a gutter guard product designed to prevent leaves and debris from clogging gutters and obstructing water flow. It is made of black UV-resistant polypropylene bristles that completely fill the gutter, allowing rainwater to flow between the bristles and out of the downspouts. It is available in different sizes and lengths, and it is easy to install, requiring no mechanical fastening, tools, nails, cutting, or drilling. It can be used with various roof and gutter types, such as K-Style & Half Round gutters and Asphalt shingle, Cedar Shake, Slate, Tile, Rubber, and Metal roofs. The product is made in America and is virtually maintenance-free, offering an easy-to-install gutter protection system.

How does it prevent clogged gutters?

In order to stop gutter leaves and debris from building up and obstructing gutter flow, LeafBlox brush sections completely fill the gutter. Rainwater flows freely between the bristles and out of the downspouts because debris cannot clump and flow to clog the gutter outlet.

Will debris and leaves from gutters get tangled in the bristles?

Gutter overflow and clogging aren't caused by individual debris particles, although leaves and other debris can become temporarily lodged in the leaf guard bristles. The gutter keeps flowing because the leaves and debris in it cannot collect and flow to clog the gutter downspout.

Is it possible to use LeafBlox year-round? all the way through winter?

Yes, LeafBlox protects your gutters all year round and, in northern climates, can even help to reduce gutter ice during the winter.

A wider Image of LeafBlox mounted in a gutter holding leaves.

What feature of gutter covers, screens, and guards is the most crucial?

The most crucial thing is to allow water to enter the gutter. New gutter leaf guards, for example, are infamous for acting as a ramp, shooting rainwater—clean or dirty—fast past the gutter. All gutter guards eventually get dirty and need to be cleaned, but the majority are fixed to the gutter and can be both expensive and time-consuming to remove for cleaning.

Do my downspouts and rain gutters need to be replaced?

No, you don't need to install new downspouts and gutters. LeafBlox clears blockages in gutters and comes in five sizes that fit into any gutter size. All correctly installed rain gutters with the appropriate slope and gutter downspouts should function flawlessly with them. Simply clean the gutters and slide them in.

Why is LeafBlox necessary?

Gutter clogs can result in damage, rotted wood, bugs, washed-out landscaping, and other issues even with only small amounts of small gutter leaves. The quickest and least expensive way to clear clogged gutters is with LeafBlox. It also keeps underground downspouts clear and doesn't require any fasteners or tools!

An image showing an adult female installing LeafBlox

Do I have to hire a professional to install LeafBlox?

Installing a LeafBlox gutter guard system has never been easier! Our DIY gutter guard can be installed by anyone who can climb a ladder and perform gutter cleaning safely. Not only is LeafBlox the best gutter protection when installed by a contractor, but many people purchase it and install it themselves to save money on leaf guards.

Do gutter guards and gutter protection systems need to be cleaned?

There is a common phrase in this industry that states you "never need to clean your gutters again!" This is simply untrue. In the debris field, all gutter guards, screens, and gutter covers eventually need to be maintained, but doing so can be costly and time-consuming. LeafBlox gutter protection makes sense because it requires little upkeep and requires no fasteners, making it easy to clean.

What should I do if my gutter downspouts go into the ground?

To prevent a major drainage expense, it's critical to keep gutter leaves and debris out of the gutter downspout when it drains underground. Most will simply cover the gutter outlets with a wire downspout strainer, but those are often too small and frequently clog and overflow. To prevent gutter blockages, gutter leaves, and debris from clogging underground downspouts, simply fill your gutter with LeafBlox.

An image showing 3 sizes of gutters side-by-side for comparison.

Does it fit in any gutter? Sizes available?

Our brush leaf guards are flexible enough to fit just about any gutter size and are available in five different sizes or diameters. The sizes that are available are 4.25" for 5" gutters, 5.25" for 6" gutters, 6.5" for 7" gutters, and 8" dia. for gutters that are 8" or larger. For small 4" gutters, our smallest size is 3.25".

LeafBlox is a revolutionary product designed with the DIY homeowner in mind. Avoid the hassle and constant maintenance of other less effective gutter solutions and get back to spending time on the things that matter to you! For more information about LeafBlox, you can send us an email to or give us a call at 1-800-766-5291.


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