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Tips for a Successful Snow Guard Installation
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Tips for a Successful Snow Guard Installation

Posted by SnoBlox-Snojax on Nov 18th 2020

Choosing what snow guard you need for your home or your establishment is just the first step. The next crucial part is the snow guard installation and how to go about it. You have to refer to a snow guard installation guide to ensure that it is installed correctly. Referring to snow guard installation instructions or manuals and communicating with your supplier and service providers are just some ways to ensure that your system works properly. Here are some tips for a successful snow guard installation:

Understand the Need for Snow Guards

Putting up snow guards on your roof is no walk on the part. However, it is an essential fixture as it protects the home from damage and the family from potential injury. More often than not, these snow stoppers are most likely located in places where people are most likely to be and where important properties like cars and other equipment are situated.

Why is there a need? Because the impact of heavy snow is quite considerable. When snow piles up and accumulates on certain parts of your roofs or eaves, the weight will damage your property. Although there are several designs and different snow guard installation patterns, snow guards ensure that it breaks up bulky or clumped-together snow.

Know Your Roof

There is no one-size-fits-all solution in installing a snow guard. This is why a person must clearly understand not just about roofing types, length run, and roof geometries. You must also know how heavy snowfall is in your location, how it accumulates in your type of roof, and how much weight a snow guard can accommodate, among other things.

If you are aware of these, you would know what snow guard spacing suits best for your roof. If you know your roof and other factors, you can have an informed decision on the most appropriate snow guard installation pattern to select. Apart from usability, you also have to consider that generally, isolated snow guard installation is not advisable. This means that you cannot accurately estimate the force exerted on the roof if you only limit areas where snow guards are set-up.

One of the tips for a successful snow guard installation is to consider protecting the entire eave line rather than just installing in smaller sections. The snow guard cost will inevitably go higher. However, this means that when you cover the eave as the whole, you can estimate the force exerted upon the area.


Calculation refers to identifying the snow guard spacing that you need as well as the snow guard costs. You don’t need to be the one to do this as several companies can provide you with placement computations.

For those who are not aware of what this means, your roof may need two or more rows of snow guards. Often, cutting back on the number of snow guards is more expensive than cost-effective. A successful installation is an important part of a successful snow retention system. This is to protect yourself, your family, and your property from the impact of heavy snow.


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