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  SnoJax II mounted in the flat portion of the panel effectively holds snow and ice stationary.   Because snow and ice moves on the flat portion of the panel, seam attached guards are mounted too high to prove effective.
  Another example of why a large forward mounted face works better for holding snow. See opposing picture on right.   Avalanching snow and ice is merely sliced by snow guards with small, ineffective, rear mounted faces.
  A good example of how a staggered pattern forces the snow and ice to coagulate, forming a strong holding field.   Above restaurant shown with rear mounted faced snow guards as worker rakes the snow and ice off the roof to avoid injury to pedestrians.
  Bank drive thru protected by our product. The Polycarbonate construction eliminates potential dissimilar metal reactions and panel staining.   Seam mounted guards fail again causing panel and gutter damage, in addition to the possible damage caused by dissimilar metal reactions when metal guards are used.
  Popular restaurant chain has used our product successfully for over a decade.   Once more, high seam mounted guards fail to provide gutter protection.
  After the protection of SnoBlox-SnoJax   Before the protection of SnoBlox-SnoJax

Rail Systems


See What Works


See What Doesn't

  Note the sturdy construction and effective holding power of the flat faced SnoBar rail system.   Round rail does not hold snow efficiently. Curved design causes ski-jump effect, forcing snow over rail. The picture should speak for itself.
  The Ice Stopper provides a flat mounted holding area and is fastened perpendicular to the panel to prevent snow and ice from sliding under the rail.   Flimsy rails damaged after the moderate snow fall as shown in the picture above.
  An additional row allows the snow load to remain stationary while safely melting away.   Round rails allow snow to easily slide over, through and under the system.
  Proven performance.   Home made snow retention systems.

We invite you to compare our metal roof snow guard products to the competition:

In a snow guard market inundated with so many varieties of snow retention, it can be difficult to decide which type is right for your particular application and which design will even hold snow. We do not wish to point fingers; rather we seek to encourage an educated snow retention decision.

We have comprised a list of the top reasons why we feel our snow guards work the best.

  • Our Plastic Snow Guards are only molded from 100% Virgin Grade UV Stable Lexan™ or equal, resulting in increased product longevity and strength.
  • Our flat face design provides an optimal holding surface. There are no rear mounted, small faces on our guards so they actually hold frozen precipitation stationary instead of slicing the snow and ice.
  • Our Snow Guards for metal roof buildings are professionally tested by a certified architectural testing lab and have yielded impressive results.
  • Our Snow Guards and Snow Stops are field tested and backed by an industry leading 30 years of experience.
  • The face on all our snow and ice guards is strategically placed in the font of the guard to create excellent leverage against tip over. Many competitors have guards with poor leverage points that are prone to tip over and that could pry the adhesive bond apart.
  • Polycarbonate construction means no dissimilar metal reactions that could cause premature panel erosion.
  • Newer models with waffled bases and logo etching provide enhanced bonding power for adhesive mounted applications.
  • Large and effective support bracing on each model transfers the load from the face to the base, unlike some other brands that offer negligible re-enforcement.
  • Choice of six models to fit virtually every type of roof panel and budget.
  • No unusual shapes, designs or gimmicks. Our guards are engineered to work.

Buy From The Best

In addition to the above lists, we have compiled a list of additional reasons why we feel you should buy from SnoBlox-SnoJax.
  • All Snow Guards, SureBond and VentSavers are in stock and usually ship the same or next business day!
  • Multiple snow retention solutions.
  • 30 years after inventing the plastic snow guard, snow retention is still our sole business, not a sideline business.
  • We offer excellent customer service before and after the sale without gimmicks!
  • Free customized computer generated, project specific, spacing recommendations performed by snow guard professionals.
  • Easy and secure shopping cart and full feature web site.