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4 Little-Known Benefits of Gutter Guards For Your Home
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4 Little-Known Benefits of Gutter Guards For Your Home

Posted by Snoblox Snojax on Feb 27th 2020

Gutter guards prevent clogged gutters and save homeowners from having to constantly clean the gutters. You might be considering having gutter guards installed for your home to keep snow and debris from blocking your drain. There are many benefits other than the ones already mentioned above.

In this article, we will share with you four little-known benefits from having gutter guards:

1. They reduce the chances of animal infestations

Gutter guards prevent insects and small animals from using your roof as a hideaway from bigger prey. A guard also prevents water from gathering in your gutters, making it more difficult for mosquitoes, spiders, and other insects to use it as a breeding ground. Aside from this, gutter guards physically prevent birds, rodents, and marsupials from getting into your roof space or your attic and building a home.

2. They protect your home from fires

Embers from fires can travel a considerable distance, sometimes several miles. Embers from fires are the main source of wildfires because they can easily ignite dried leaves and debris. The best defense for this is to prevent leaves from collecting in your gutter by using a gutter guard system

3. They improve gutter water flow

If you have a rainwater tank or a rain barrel, having a gutter guard will make water flow faster through your downspouts, getting your tank filled quickly. Because a gutter guard also works against large debris, it also acts as a primary filter for your rainwater. Aside from making water collection easier, a gutter guard also stops water blockage during heavy rains. This is because blockage can cause gutter overflow, which may damage a home’s foundation.

4. They help stop gutters from freezing

When water gets trapped in your gutter during winter, it can freeze and expand. Gutter guards can prevent snow and ice from building up. An advantage if using a dark colored gutter guard is that they tend to heat up faster during the day to help speed up the melting process.

Final words

A gutter guard system is a sound investment that gives you all-year-round returns. Preventing damage to the gutters while also keeping small animals and insects out are some of the best advantages of a quality gutter guard system.

Do your research about the various methods available then give us a call to discuss your situation. Together, we can find a solution to protect your home for years to come. Snoblox Snojax has been in the market since the early 1980s. We have decades of experience in testing and refining our products and services.


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