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Advantages of Metal Roof Snow Guards
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Advantages of Metal Roof Snow Guards

Posted by SnoBlox-Snojax on Nov 11th 2020

A growing number of buildings around the world use metal roofing. Its smooth, self-cleaning surface does a good job of keeping debris, dust, and dirt off the roof. However, snow is a whole different story. Snow and ice accumulation on roofs can be dangerous when it starts to melt. This is why most metal roof systems in snow areas need metal roof snow guards.

Why you need snow guards

Accumulated snow on your roof is acceptable; however, when the snow starts to melt, the smooth panel finish may allow the snow to avalanche down the roof slope. Huge amounts of snow and ice may fall suddenly, harming not just your parked car below it, worse if there are people beneath it.

Sliding snow and ice from metal roofs often damage vent pipes, chimneys, gutters, deck railings, hot tub covers, etc. Snow guards for metal roofs have become essential with the rise in popularity of this building material. Accumulated snow allowed to sit against a building foundation may damage it, especially when it comes to contact with splashing meltwater.

The solution is installing snow guards on your metal roof. This has been a common practice for many years and is an easy solution to one of the more common concerns during winter seasons—accumulated snow. Snow guards have numerous attachment options. The most common is to either attach with screws or to use adhesive. Another popular option is to use non-penetrating seam clamps for standing seam panels.

It is essential to keep some things in mind for a successful installation:

1. Design

Always consult with a reputable snow guard manufacturer during the planning phase of any snow retention system. The roof type, guard type, attachment method, ground snow load, pitch, and location are just a few of the variables used to determine the optimal snow retention system for a particular project.

2. Amount of snow

Not all locations are the same in terms of the amount of snowfall each year. Great metal roofing snow guard manufacturers consider this factor. Some areas receive less snowfall in the winter season and may not need a heavy-duty snow guard system than places with long winter seasons or more massive snowfall. Research and find out your local Ground Snow Load at the project location. This is vital to the design of a successful system.

3. Attachment Method

Consult with a reputable manufacturer to determine the best attachment method for your project. There are many options depending on the roof type, location, and purpose of the system.

Metal roofing snow guards are essential for buildings with metal roofs in snow areas. Carefully controlling the sudden release of snow and ice from the roof is critical to preventing roof damage and injuries on the ground. A customized system may be installed over existing roofs or customized for a new roof, so if you are still thinking twice, remember that snowfall may be around the corner.


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