How to Choose The Best Snow Roof Guard System For Your Roof
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How to Choose The Best Snow Roof Guard System For Your Roof

Posted by Snoblox Snojax on Jan 29th 2020

If you have a metal roof and get regular snow, you should consider the best type of snow guard system for your roof. With winter upon us, snow and ice can pile up fast on your streets, roof, and sidewalks. Going back hundreds of years, snow guard systems have helped prevent snow avalanches and the resulting damage.

Snow guards are easy to install and non-obtrusive. They have helped both residential and commercial owners protect both people and property from huge amounts of sliding sheets of ice and snow.

When choosing the right snow guard for your roof, it is crucial to evaluate your roof style, roofing material, snow load (depending on your location), roof pitch, and aesthetic preferences (bar style or pad-style). There are many styles of snow retention products to choose from, the most popular are discussed below.

1. Bar-Style Snow Guards

They are typically installed horizontally on your roof and feature a continuous bar length. Mounts are available for most roof types. Many bar systems only require one row, however each project should be calculated to determine the appropriate number of rows. Many factors are used in determining the correct layout for a roof. Bar-style guards have a clean, streamlined look that is popular with architects and design professionals.

2. Seam Mounted Snow Guards

This is a very common style of guard with very simple installation. It combines the pad style guard with the attachment method of the more expensive bar systems. Newer designs, such as the SnoCleat, allows for adjustable angled faces. This allows the faces to be set based on the angle of the converging valley or to allow for a swivel point to avoid seam damage. Seam Mounted snow guards are sometimes referred to as snow cleats, snow dogs, snowbirds, snow jacks, snow pads, and many more.

This type of snow guard is designed for use on standing seam panel roofs.

3. Pad Style Snow Guards

This style of guard is designed to be installed in multiple staggered rows, spaced evenly up the slope. The strategy is to hold the snow and ice where it lands, not to try and catch it at the bottom of the slope. These can be manufactured from various materiels, the most common being polycarbonate plastic or stainless steel. They can be attached with adhesive or mechanically fastened with screws.

Depending on your roofing system, there are different snow guard styles that can help resolve issues with sliding snow and ice. These snow guards are effective in offering added protection for your property. Speak with a licensed and professional roof installer in your area to discuss the most optimal solution for your needs and always consult with the manufacturer for assistance in product selection and layout.

We provide snow retention solutions for metal roofs, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!