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LeafBlox: A Smarter Leaf Gutter Guard Solution
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LeafBlox: A Smarter Leaf Gutter Guard Solution

Posted by Derek Gamble - SnoBlox-Snojax Specialist on Jun 14th 2024

LeafBlox logo on white background

LeafBlox has revolutionized how homeowners and contractors deal with gutter maintenance since its introduction in 2004.

This innovative system uses a brush to keep gutters clear of debris while allowing water to flow through its bristles. The idea for LeafBlox came from its inventor during one of his frequent getaways to his cabin in Western Pennsylvania. While there, a fortunate set of circumstances led to him stumbling upon an ingenious solution to a persistent problem. For over three decades, he had relished the opportunity to escape into nature, indulging in outdoor pursuits like hunting and fishing with loved ones. However, the thick canopy of debris-shedding trees surrounding the cabin meant that cleaning out his inevitably clogged gutters was an ever-present chore on his to-do list. While rummaging through the cabin's storage area one year, he came across an old, twisted brush. Perhaps it was an antique chimney sweep tool. Thinking it might aid in the tedious task of gutter cleaning, he tossed it into the gutter, only to forget about it until his next visit, some six to eight months later. To his surprise, the area around the brush remained remarkably clear of leaves, acorns, pine needles, and other debris accumulated elsewhere in the gutters. This day marked the birth of an innovative gutter guard solution that would revolutionize the industry. LeafBlox was launched soon after, offering sizes to suit all types of gutters.

LeafBlox installed on red garage with leaves that will blow out in high winds

LeafBlox’s Versatile Sizing Options

One of the highlights of LeafBlox is its versatility in sizing, with options available for residential and commercial gutters. Regardless of your gutter type, LeafBlox offers a size that will provide top-notch protection and performance. LeafBlox comes in a variety of brush sizes. The smaller 3.25" diameter brushes are ideal for 4" gutters commonly found on carports and awnings, ensuring even the tiniest gutter systems receive adequate protection. The 4.25" diameter brushes for 5" gutters and the 5.25" diameter brushes for 6" gutters are preferred for residential applications, protecting against debris buildup while promoting water drainage. For commercial-grade gutter protection, LeafBlox comes in a 6.50” diameter for 7” gutters and an 8” diameter for 8” gutters. These brushes will endure the challenges of larger commercial structures, providing defense against blockages and overflows, even in high-traffic areas prone to debris buildup.

5 sizes of LeafBlox are available

LeafBlox is available in 5 sizes to fit most gutter applications!

LeafBlox’s Outstanding Performance and Longevity

LeafBlox stands out not only for its range of sizes but also for its exceptional performance and durability. The brushes are crafted from high-quality materials and built to withstand weather conditions and prolonged environmental exposure. LeafBlox's bristles are UV-protected polypropylene fibers that resist fading and deterioration from sun exposure. These brushes come assembled with durable galvanized steel wire. They will maintain their shape and density over many years of use. The innovative design of LeafBlox enables it to effectively block just about all forms of debris, including leaves, twigs, pine needles, seed pods, small animals, and rodents. The dense bristles are a barrier to keep debris out of the gutter while allowing water to flow smoothly through the brush. Although LeafBlox effectively prevents clogs, some debris may gather on top of the bristles over time. This detritus will usually air dry and blow away the next time strong winds are present. However, keeping LeafBlox clean is a task that anyone can accomplish easily. To maintain your LeafBlox system, remove the brush sections, shake off any debris, and clean the gutters, if necessary. Repeat this process occasionally to ensure your gutters stay clear and work efficiently. Despite claims by competitors, both small and large, there is no such thing as a maintenance-free gutter guard solution. What is important is the ease with which you can perform maintenance and the frequency needed. LeafBlox rises above the rest in both categories.

Gutter with clogged filter installed

LeafBlox stops clogged gutters better than screens and leaf filters!

LeafBlox Offers Year-Round Round Gutter Protection.

LeafBlox provides year-round protection against gutter clogs and overflows, even in harsh winter conditions, unlike some gutter guards that require removal in the winter months. In regions that experience winter precipitation, LeafBlox plays a role in preventing ice dams from forming, which could otherwise cause damage to your gutters and roof. The design of the brush allows water to pass quickly, reducing the chances of ice buildup from melting and refreezing cycles that can lead to the formation of ice dams. The repeated freezing and thawing of water can also cause expansion and contraction, resulting in cracks and damage to the gutter system. By enabling free water flow through its brushes, LeafBlox lowers the chances of water pooling and freezing in gutters, reducing the risk of freeze-thaw damage. This additional protection contributes to extending the lifespan of your gutter system while avoiding repairs or replacements. Because the bristles are black, some customers have reported that LeafBlox absorbed heat from the sun, which aided in melting snow and ice in their gutters.

LeafBlox Is an Affordable and Long-Lasting Investment.

Choosing LeafBlox is an investment that can save homeowners and property owners substantial amounts of money over time. LeafBlox also helps protect your home's foundation, landscaping, and exterior surfaces from repairs by preventing gutter blockages and associated water-related damages. LeafBlox is crafted from high-grade materials to endure harsh weather conditions and prolonged exposure to the elements. Backed by a ten-year material warranty and a 365-day refund policy, LeafBlox provides assurance and a lasting safeguard for your investment. Blocked gutters can result in water damage issues such as foundation erosion, basement flooding, and harm to walls and siding. By ensuring your gutters remain clear and operational, LeafBlox helps prevent these problems. LeafBlox also aids in prolonging the life of your gutter system. Clogged gutters can impose weight and stress on the gutters, leading to drooping, cracking, or eventual failure over time. This strain is lessened with clean gutters, helping your gutter system endure longer.

Diagram of all the things LeafBlox blocks from clogging your gutters

LeafBlox: An Effective Shield Against Birds and Other Wildlife Nuisances

For homeowners dealing with birds, rodents, and other unwelcome intruders, having them take shelter in gutters, crevices, or corners can be exasperating. Their presence can result in costly property damage if left unaddressed. Unlike pest control methods involving chemicals or cruel practices, LeafBlox offers a kind and environmentally conscious solution. By blocking access, pests are discouraged without causing harm or introducing toxins into the environment. LeafBlox can thwart birds from nesting in gutters. Species, including but not limited to Starlings, Doves, and Blackbirds, often view gutters as appealing sites for nesting and perching. Nest building materials and waste from these critters frequently lead to blockages, foul odors, and potential health risks. LeafBlox’s bristles make your gutters and downspouts unwelcoming and inaccessible for birds to perch or construct nests. The effectiveness of LeafBlox extends beyond bird deterrence just in gutters, though. It can also be a barrier to seal off openings and crevices where birds often nest, such as behind shutters or beneath rooftop panels. Its flexible design allows placement in these spaces, effectively blocking entry for feathered intruders. LeafBlox’s ability to fill gaps also makes it an efficient deterrent against bats, which tend to seek refuge in crevices between decks and walls or under rake trim. Applying LeafBlox into these openings can help homeowners thwart bats from inhabiting these spaces and creating potential health risks. Additionally, LeafBlox can discourage pests, like hornets, bees, and even small rodents, from accessing areas where they could establish nests or find shelter. The bristles create an environment that dissuades these visitors from settling down. LeafBlox is an efficient option for keeping birds, bats, and other pests from gutters, crevices, and other areas where their presence could lead to damage or unsanitary conditions. Its easy installation process, durability, and compassionate approach make it an appealing choice for homeowners, property managers, and pest control experts.

LeafBlox Is an Environmentally Friendly Leaf Gutter Guard Solution!

Beyond its performance advantages, LeafBlox is an eco-friendly gutter protection option. Unlike some gutter guards requiring replacement, LeafBlox is designed for reuse, curbing waste production and shrinking environmental impact. The sturdy and durable quality of the brushes leads to reduced resource consumption and less waste in landfills. By investing in a lasting and reusable gutter protection system like LeafBlox, you are championing sustainable practices and advocating for an environmentally responsible approach to home maintenance. Choosing LeafBlox benefits your home and contributes to a healthier planet for future generations.

LeafBlox Is Incredibly Adaptable!

A significant benefit of LeafBlox is its adaptability. This product is compatible with environments ranging from homes to sports stadiums and bridges. The quick and easy pressure-fit installation of LeafBlox eliminates the need for fasteners, making it a convenient solution for almost any project! LeafBlox is also ideal for applications such as roof ventilation gaps where proper air circulation is vital or as a pre-filter for rainwater harvesting systems.

Homeowners and Professionals Highly Regard LeafBlox

LeafBlox has built a reputation for excellence, earning the trust of both homeowners and professionals. Celebrating 20 years on the market with hundreds of positive reviews and acknowledgments, LeafBlox has consistently demonstrated its effectiveness and reliability. Customers praise LeafBlox for its performance and durability, highlighting its ability to withstand weather conditions and prevent gutter blockages. Testimonials emphasize the installation process, ease of maintenance, and the assurance that comes with knowing their gutters are well protected. LeafBlox has garnered endorsements and accolades from industry experts and publications. Renowned home improvement specialists, contractors, and home maintenance professionals have commended the design and efficiency of LeafBlox, further establishing its reputation as a premier gutter protection solution. Contractors and professionals value the versatility of LeafBlox as it enables them to provide clients with a cost-effective solution.


LeafBlox stands as a shining example of innovation and problem-solving at work. LeafBlox has established itself as a favored choice among both homeowners and professionals. With its adaptability, outstanding performance, and longevity, LeafBlox continues to reshape how we shield our gutters from blockages and overflow issues. Whether you're a homeowner aiming to protect your property or a contractor in search of a solution for your clients, LeafBlox is the answer. Embrace the peace of mind of having a guarded gutter system by investing in LeafBlox today. Our knowledgeable support team can assist you with any questions or concerns. Please email us at or call our dedicated support line at 1-800-766-5291.


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