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Maximize Winter Roof Safety with 2-Bar SnoBar/ColorBar Systems for Standing Seam Metal Roofs
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Maximize Winter Roof Safety with 2-Bar SnoBar/ColorBar Systems for Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Posted by Derek Gamble - SnoBlox-Snojax Specialist on Dec 1st 2023

SnoBar 2-Bar system Mounted on Standing Seam Roof Front View

Our exclusive Double-Bar Snow Rail Systems are perfect for projects that require a two-bar system in their specifications.  SnoBar/ColorBar systems can be installed on standing seam roofs safely and without leaking, causing damage, or voiding warranties thanks to this unique mounting solution. Projects with 6:12 or greater roof pitches can benefit greatly from a double bar system, which will help reduce the amount of uncompacted snow and ice that can potentially “jump” over a single bar system.

ColorBar 2-Bar system Mounted on Standing Seam Roof Front View

Fast installation without penetration!

Installation is fast and easy! 2-Bar systems feature brackets that are constructed from extruded aluminum and utilize the proven strength of our patented  RoofClamps. These systems can be installed on both new and existing roofs. The attachment is secure with our "Cup-tipped Stainless-Steel Screws". Permanent anchoring to the seam is provided by these specially created screws. They require 90/in-lbs. of torque. In contrast, round tip  set screws may need up to 180/in-lbs. Less torque means more efficient holding power and less chance of damaging the seam while also avoiding costly damage to the roof's finish. The majority of round tip set screws have thin threads that can cross thread at the necessary high torque settings, which is an important distinction between these two types of screws. This is particularly true when they are used in clamps made of aluminum, which is softer than stainless steel. This frequently results in these screws and clamps becoming non-serviceable after the initial installation. Set screws with a cup-tip require less torque. Because of this, even when they are used in aluminum clamps, our coarse threaded set screws do not seize in the clamp.

SnoBar 2-Bar system Mounted on Standing Seam Roof Rear View

What are the benefits of a double bar system?

Double-Bar Snow Rail Systems offer several benefits for protecting buildings and individuals from the dangers of rooftop avalanches. Here are some of the key advantages of the 2 Bar system:

Safety and Protection

The primary benefit of installing a snow rail system is the safety and protection it provides to anyone near the building. Rooftop avalanches, though not common, can be dangerous, and a snow rail system helps prevent them, reducing the risk of injury to people and also damage to property.

Limiting Liability

By installing a snow rail system, you can limit your liability by protecting not only people but also property, including vehicles, equipment, and landscaping, from damage caused by falling snow and ice.

Preservation of Landscaping

In addition to protecting buildings and vehicles, a snow guard can also help preserve landscaping, which can be easily damaged by a rooftop avalanche.

Custom Design and Easy Installation

The 2-bar snow rail system is designed for easy installation and can be custom-designed to fit most standing seam roof systems. It features a one-piece aluminum  clamp with three non-penetrating cup-tipped  set screws, making it safe for roofs and ensuring fast and easy installation.

Custom Color Matching

Both SnoBar and ColorBar systems are available in either mill or custom powder-coated finishes. We can match almost any color available in today’s market with access to powders from the top manufacturers. ColorBar can also have 2” wide color strips installed on its face. These strips can be purchased from us or made from leftover roofing material from your project.

ColorBar 2-Bar system Mounted on Standing Seam Roof Front View


In summary, the 2 Bar  SnoBar system from SnoBlox-Snojax offers a range of benefits, including safety and protection, reduced liability and maintenance costs, and preservation of property and landscaping. Its easy installation and custom design options make it a practical choice for metal roof snow retention. For smaller projects, we offer double bar systems in 6’ lengths. You can visit our spacing guidelines page for information on recommended row spacing. For larger projects, we offer 12’ snow rail systems. If you fill out our Bar Quote Request Form, we can get you a quote and recommended layout for your project in approximately 24-48 hours at no cost to you. You can email us at or give us a call at 1-800-766-5291 to place an order or if you have any questions and we will be happy to help you.


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