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SnoBlox-Snojax Now Offers The RidgePro Premium Device for Steep-Slope Roofing Safety
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SnoBlox-Snojax Now Offers The RidgePro Premium Device for Steep-Slope Roofing Safety

Posted by Derek Gamble - SnoBlox-Snojax Specialist on Nov 28th 2023

Image of a roofer installing Kodiak SnowCatchers while using a RidgePro

What is the RidgePro?

SnoBlox-Snojax now has the RidgePro Roof Anchoring System in stock and ready to order! The RidgePro is a First Man Up (FMU), Last Man, Down (LMD) safety device designed for roofs, with pitches ranging from 6/12 to 12/12. This system allows for convenient transitioning between the ladder and the roof, providing quick and easy access to the peak when compared to traditional fall protection setups with ropes and harnesses. Image of the RidgePro on a white background from the side

How is the RidgePro secured to the roof?

The RidgePro can be securely anchored using four 5/16 lag bolts, ensuring compliance with OSHA regulations. Made from high-grade aluminum, with corrosion-resistant powder-coated components, this device is easy to transport and features a built-in stainless steel shackle harness and rope receiver. The cross members of the RidgePro are padded to protect your roof. It offers a cost-reducing alternative to scaffolding or roof planks for both temporary and long-term roof access needs. The RidgePro is versatile enough to be used on many different roofing materials and surfaces. It is particularly useful when installing  snow guards on steep roofs. With its range of applications, this ultimate roof peak anchor device caters not only to professionals such, as Roofing Contractors, Solar Installers, Gutter Companies, Insurance Adjusters, Chimney Sweeps, Telecommunications Providers, and Disaster Restoration Experts. The RidgePro also works well for DIY enthusiasts who prefer maintaining their own roofs.

Image of the RidgePro on a white background from the bottom

When you securely attach the  RidgePro using lag bolts it meets the standard 1926 Subpart M for a single user and can withstand and exceed a static strength force of 5,000 pounds. However, if it's not anchored, OSHA doesn't have regulations for "non-anchors" so you can use the RidgePro as an inspection tool without needing to anchor it. This grants you 15 minutes of roof access before anchoring becomes necessary.

How is the RidgePro used?

Here's how to use it; First make sure that you've taken all the safety precautions at your jobsite. Safely position the ladder in compliance with OSHA standards. Assemble The RidgePro by aligning the roof pitch with the number on The RidgePro pitch guide. Securely lock the pitch with the steel pin, attach the optional extension pole, and lock it in place. Fasten the lifeline to the installed shackle on The RidgePro and temporarily hang it from either the gutter or ladder at roof level. Climb up the ladder until your belt is level with The RidgePro and then use the optional extension pole to roll it up the roof slope until it reaches the peak of your roof. Flip The RidgePro over so that it straddles across both sides of the ridge and firmly pull on the lifeline to secure it in place. It's important to note that this device doesn't rely on the ridge peak, for stability.

Image showing the RidgePro with the extension pole assembled

To create a safe tie-off, utilize a lifeline rope grab and secure The RidgePro by attaching four lag screws through the drilled holes on the mounting plate. It's important to note that The RidgePro can support weights of up to 5,000 pounds when anchored.

The RidgePro is a product developed by Strawder Family Innovations, LLC, a roofing team with extensive experience spanning multiple generations. For more information about RidgePro or to place an order, you can call 1-800-766-5291 or visit our website at


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