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The Best Way To Mount Standing Seam Roof Snow Guards
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The Best Way To Mount Standing Seam Roof Snow Guards

Posted by SnoBlox-Snojax on Jul 20th 2022

Standing Seam Roof Clamp On Snow Guards

Standing seam roof snow guards help protect metal roofs from damage by making it possible for snow to melt and fall safely off the roof in a controlled manner. Instead of allowing the heat from the sun to melt large sections of snow from the roof all at once, the snow guards hold the snow so that it melts gradually and falls from the roof in smaller sections. This is the best way to prevent the potential disaster of an unexpected avalanche.

A good snow retention system makes it possible to avoid the costs and stress of personal injury and property damage. However, the system will only work well if it is installed properly. There are a number of different ways to install standing seam roof snow guards, and it is important to know which method is right for your roof.

Best Method for Mounting

When it comes to mounting standing seam roof snow guards, there are three basic methods that can be used. The snow guards can be attached either mechanically or chemically.

The first method uses special clamps to mount the guards to the seam of the roof. This is the best method for standing seam roof snow guards. The clamps are attached directly to the seam using round-point set screws without penetrating the roof itself.

Using clamps to attach the snow guards effectively prevents leaks from drilling holes and keeps roof warranties intact as well. The attachments will not be affected by the thermal cooling or heating of the roof. In addition, the clamps make it possible to mount the standing seam roof snow guards even after the roof is installed.

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