Introduction to Plastic Snow Guards & Their Benefits - Our Guide

Posted by Snoblox Snojax on Feb 27th 2020

The purpose of a snow guard is to prevent ice and snow on roofs from avalanching onto people and property below. It is essentially a safety device that is widely used in homes that are in regions that … read more

4 Little-Known Benefits of Gutter Guards for Your Home

Posted by Snoblox Snojax on Feb 27th 2020

Gutter guards prevent clogged gutters and save homeowners from having to constantly clean the gutters.You might be considering having gutter guards installed for your home to keep snow and debris from … read more

How to Choose The Best Snow Roof Guard System For Your Roof

Posted by Snoblox Snojax on Jan 29th 2020

If you have a metal roof and get regular snow, you should consider the best type of snow guard system for your roof.With winter upon us, snow and ice can pile up fast on your streets, roof, and sidewa … read more

VentSaver HD saves the day!

Posted by Howie Scarboro - National Sales Manager SnoBlox-SnoJax on Jan 28th 2020

We were recently contacted by a customer that had purchased and installed one of our Ventsaver HD kits. The product was installed 7 seasons ago and has been working flawlessly. During a recent st … read more