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Exploring the Benefits of the SnoBlox Ace Snow Guards
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Exploring the Benefits of the SnoBlox Ace Snow Guards

Posted by Derek Gamble - SnoBlox-Snojax Specialist on Jan 25th 2024

Snow guards play a crucial role in preventing sudden and hazardous snow slides from avalanching off of roofs, protecting both property and individuals below. In this blog, we'll delve into the features and benefits of the polycarbonate SnoBlox Ace snow guard, a reliable trusted snow retention solution from SnoBlox-Snojax.

Understanding the Need for Snow Guards

Snow accumulation on roofs can pose serious threats, from falling icicles to sudden snow slides. This is particularly true in regions where heavy snowfall is common. Snow guards act as a barrier, preventing sudden and dramatic snow slides which can lead to property damage and potentially the injury or death of people or pets. Snow can weigh roughly 20 pounds per cubic foot, or 1.25 pounds per inch of depth, as a general rule of thumb. Snow typically weighs anywhere from 1lb. to more than 21 lbs. per cubic foot, depending on its moisture content. Snow Guards, like the SnoBlox Ace, encourage controlled snowmelt and allow for gradual release, reducing the risk of damage and injury. This product will reduce liability on the building owner or homeowner and provide them with peace of mind.

SnoBlox Ace: A Closer Look

The SnoBlox Ace is a renowned clear polycarbonate snow guard designed and manufactured by SnoBlox-Snojax. Let's explore some of its notable features:

The SnoBlox Ace’s Unmatched Material Quality

SnoBlox Ace is crafted from durable 100% UV-stabilized virgin polycarbonate material, ensuring longevity and resilience against harsh winter conditions. The robust design makes it capable of withstanding heavy snow loads up to and including 45psf. For areas with larger snow loads, we recommend checking out our aluminum and galvanized steel snow rail systems. The UV stabilization of the Ace helps to prevent discoloration and degradation over time. While the Ace is not prone to ambering, it may lose some clarity in the years following its installation depending on the conditions that it is subjected to.

SnoBlox Ace on white background with labeled dimensions

Versatile Design Makes The Ace The Go-To Snow Guard Choice

One of the key advantages of SnoBlox Ace is its versatility. It can be used with various roofing types, including, but not limited to both standing seam and mechanically fastened metal roofs, asphalt shingles, and more. This adaptability makes it a go-to choice for a wide range of roofing applications. The ace requires a 3” wide flat mounting area in order to be installed correctly.

Easy Installation Makes The Ace Perfect For Pros and DIYers

SnoBlox Ace is designed with ease of installation in mind. Roofing professionals appreciate its simple installation process, saving time and effort. The user-friendly design means that property owners can also consider it for DIY installations. This snow guard can be installed with Surebond SB-190 adhesive on both standing seam and mechanically fastened r-panel, PBR, and ag-panels. Many customers choose this method as an alternative to penetrating their roof panels. It is never advised to screw the SnoBlox Ace to a standing seam roof due to the panel’s floating nature. The Ace comes from the factory with 2 molded starter points to make mechanical fastening a breeze.

We recommend 2 kinds of screws for use when installing the Ace

Install the Ace on Wooden Buildings

Our 1/4-14 x 2" long case hardened carbon steel  Master Gripper screws with type A machined drill tips are ideal for use on roofs that include wooden structure beneath the panels, such as plywood decking or purlins. They are equipped with neoprene washers for a weathertight seal and a coating that resists corrosion. This screw is not advised for installation into less than 1" of wood.

Install the Ace on Pre Engineered Metal Buildings

Use our 1/4-14 x 1-1/2" long case hardened carbon steel  Master Driller screws with #3 drill bits on roofs that have a metal structure beneath the panels. They are also equipped with neoprene washers for a weathertight seal and a coating that resists corrosion.

What To Do When Structure Is Not Present Below The Panels

Screw-down snow guards must be securely attached to the structure beneath the roof panels using mechanical means. The system will not be adequately supported by the panel alone, and this type of installation is prone to failure, which could damage both the panel and the snow guards. The installer must block the guard from underneath the panel if there is no pre-existing structure below the installation location. The usual method for achieving this is with wood blocking.

What Sealant Should Be Used With The Ace?

The SnoBlox Ace requires the use of a liquid sealant. We recommend the all-weather NovaFlex MR150 sealant. Over the course of many years, we have tested hundreds of different sealants and have found none that stack up to the quality and performance of the NovaFlex product. It is important to coat the entire base of the guards to ensure a water-tight seal. Any moisture that gets trapped below the Ace can potentially freeze and expand which could pry the guard away from the panel. This will surely lead to roof leaks.

SnoBLox Ace Layout on green metal roof holding snow

What Is The Best Layout Practice For Installing the Ace?

For your project to be successful, you must have an appropriate snow guard layout. It is never advised to install snow guards in an isolated configuration since this can cause failure. This includes areas just above doorways, entryways, HVAC systems, or chimneys. In order to distribute the weight uniformly, a proper layout will include rows running the entire length of each roof area. This may also require multiple rows up the roof slope. To help distribute this weight further, the Ace should be arranged in staggered rows when installed correctly. Protecting any upper roof sections that can shed snow and ice onto the lower roof areas that you're trying to protect is also crucial. Ignoring this step could lead to overloading and damage to your snow retention system and roof. Snow guards are not intended to act as a barrier to stop snow and ice that is actively shedding. The goal is to prevent any movement of the snow and instead allow it to melt gradually and safely where it is. For more details on the ideal spacing and arrangement for this guard, visit our Spacing Guidelines Page.

The SnoBlox Ace Offers Aesthetic Appeal

Beyond functionality, the SnoBlox Ace offers an aesthetically pleasing solution. It is available in a crystal clear finish that allows it to seamlessly blend with the roof. This ensures that the snow guards not only perform their intended function but also contribute to the visual appeal of the property.

Closeup of SnoBLox Ace with snow on grey pbr roof panel


As winter continues to bring challenges, the SnoBlox Ace snow guard stands as a reliable solution for addressing the risks associated with avalanching snow and ice from roofs. Its durability, versatility, easy installation, and aesthetic appeal make it a top choice for both roofing professionals and property owners looking to enhance safety and protect their investment. Consider SnoBlox Ace as a proactive measure to ensure a secure and worry-free winter season. For more information about the SnoBlox Ace or any of our other products, you can send us an email at or give us a call at 1-800-766-5291.


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