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2 Inch Master Gripper Wood Purlin Snow Guard Screw

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Master Gripper #14 Self-Drilling Screws.

The Master Gripper is a 1/4-14 x 2" snow guard screw with a type A milled point. These precision carbon steel self-tapping fasteners are designed for metal roofs on wood purlins or decking. Features a 5/16" AF Hex Washer Head. The Master Gripper comes with a corrosive-resistant coating to withstand all the elements. Comes with a tight sealing weatherproof washer. When screwing down snow guards, the use of Novaflex MR-150 is recommended, unless a foam gasket is used on the base.

This screw is not recommended for installation into less than 1" of wood. Fasteners installed in less than 1" of solid wood may have an increased potential for sealing or connection failure over time. This may be due to the fasteners being stripped out during installation and/or due to the lack of adequate wood fiber material to hold the fastener in place during thermal movement cycles or other forces that may be exerted upon the connection

The following warranty is made in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied. Recommendations for proper use of the product are based on tests believed to be reliable. Any goods proven to be defective due to materials will be replaced, or purchase price refunded, but in no event shall the manufacturer be responsible for damages in excess of the purchase price. User shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use and assumes all risks of its use or handling.

Master Gripper Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our polycarbonate snow guards, that screw down, each require two screws. Near each guard's face, there are molded starter points or pre-drilled holes. Our SnowCatchers have three holes, two of which are necessary for attachment and are also located close to the face. If you decide to paint them or powder coat them, the third hole on the base's opposite side is primarily used as a hanging point. Additionally, this hole may serve as a supplemental attachment point. The SnoCleat PBRSnoCleat 2.67, SnoBar/ColorBar PBR, and SnoBar/ColorBar 2.67 screw-down snow guard and snow rail systems require at least three screws per guard or bracket, though they can each utilize as many as six.

The majority of our polycarbonate pad-style snow guards include molded starter points. Our self-tapping 2" Master Gripper screws can easily drill through this material. As such, pre-drilling the guards is optional. Pre-drilled holes come standard with the Snojax 1, stainless steel SnowCatchers, and the aluminum SnoCleat PBR and SnoCleat 2.67 snow guards. All of these models are compatible with the Master Grippers.

Roof leaks shouldn't occur if a snow guard system has been installed correctly. Make sure to use screws with neoprene washers and pair them with either foam gaskets for metal snow guards or liquid silicone for polycarbonate snow guards. Many customers decide against adding new roof penetrations for snow guards. They will choose, instead, to install a glue-down snow retention system using the Surebond SB-190 adhesive.

Due to most of our snow guards either coming in a clear finish for our polycarbonate styles or bare metal finish for our mill SnowCatchers and SnoCleats, we currently offer our screws in only a standard silver finish. There are thousands of roofing colors currently available from hundreds of roofing manufacturers. Because of this, maintaining stock of all possible color matches would be cost prohibitive and nearly impossible. Customers can choose to provide their own screws when a color matched screw is desired. We recommend that the screws used in these situations are comparable to those that we offer in both sizing and material.

The majority of our screw-down snow guards can be installed using one of the two screws that we offer. For wood purlins and substrate, use the Master Gripper which is a 2" long #14 self-tapping screw, whereas the Master Driller is a 1.5" long #14 self-tapping screw designed for use with metal purlins. Both of these fasteners have neoprene washers, are silver in color, and are made of case-hardened carbon steel. The SnoCleat 2.67 and 2.67 rail systems utilize a 3" screw because they straddle a wavy corrugated panel's high ribs. Longer screws can be required, depending on whether or not there is insulation under the panels.


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