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Screw Down Snow Guards

Screw-down metal roof snow guards are a type of roof accessory used to prevent snow and ice from sliding off a sloped metal roof all at once, which can create hazards and damage property. The guards can be manufactured from metal or plastic materials. Pad style and snow bars can only be screw fastened to mechanical type fastened roofs. It is recommended to screw down a snow guard on a standing seam metal roof. Unlike adhesive-mounted snow guards or other non-penetrating options, screw-down snow guards are mechanically fastened through the roof's surface, into a purlin or structural support using screws or similar fasteners.

Screw Fastened Snow Guards Info

Screw Down Guards Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our test results show that pad-style snow guards made of metal and polycarbonate perform similarly. To view the results of our tests, please visit the resources page. For our customers, aesthetics frequently matter as much, if not more, than strength when deciding.

The majority of our polycarbonate pad-style snow guards come with molded starter points. Our self-tapping screws can quickly drill through this material. These guards can, however, be pre-drilled if you'd like, but it's not required. We include pre-drilled holes in the aluminum SnoCleat PBR, SnoCleat 2.67, Snojax I, and stainless steel SnowCatchers.

You can install about 10 of our large polycarbonate snow guards and 20–25 of our smaller ones with a single tube of Novaflex MR150 sealant and screws. Be aware that this may vary depending on the user's application. The Novaflex MR150 is not an adhesive you can use instead of Surebond SB-190 to glue down polycarbonate snow guards.

The majority of our screw-down snow guards mount to the roof using one of the two screws that we currently offer. The Master Gripper is a 2"-long #14 self-tapping screw used for wooden applications. The Master Driller is a 1.5"-long #14 self-tapping screw for use with metal applications. These case-hardened carbon steel fasteners have neoprene washers and are silver in color. The SnoCleat 2.67 and 2.67 snow rail systems utilize 3" screws because their brackets straddle the panel's high ribs. Longer screws can be required, depending on whether or not there is insulation under the panels.

We do not recommend penetrating standing seam metal panels. Due to the panel's floating nature, screwing through a standing seam metal roof can compromise its waterproof integrity, potentially leading to leaks and rust. It may also void manufacturer warranties due to improper installation.


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