How To Install Snow Guards on a Metal Roof
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How To Install Snow Guards on a Metal Roof

Posted by Derek Gamble - SnoBlox-Snojax Specialist on Nov 15th 2023

When installing snow guards on a metal roof, several methods can be used, depending on the type of roof and the specific snow guard being installed. Here are the general steps for installing  snow guards on a metal roof:

Determine Your Panel Type and Roof Structure

Identify which kind of panel your roof has. Various panel types have different requirements and rules for installation of  snow guards. Next, figure out if your panels are mounted on top of purlins, furring strips, or decking. This will determine how the snow guards should be secured.

Obtain Spacing Guidelines

Consider the spacing guidelines provided by the manufacturer to ensure proper snow retention. A good layout will run the entire length of a roof area and will often feature multiple rows going up the slope. All upper roof areas must have snow retention installed before installing snow guards on a lower roof. Otherwise, these areas have a high potential for becoming overloaded.

Roofer Installing SnoBlox Snow Guards While Wearing Fall Protection Equipment

Secure the Snow Guards

Depending on the type of snow guard being installed, it may require adhesivescrews, or tape for mounting. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the specific installation method. If the metal roof panels are mounted on top of only purlins or firing strips, the snow guards must be screwed into the purlins or firing strips. If the metal panels are placed on decking, ensure that the decking is adequate to secure the snow guards. Installation of additional, internal blocking may be required for areas without proper structure to screw into. Snow guards installed on standing seam metal roofs should be attached using either adhesive or standing seam roof clamps. It is never recommended to penetrate the panels of a standing seam roof.

Utilize Staggered Patterns

Place the first staggered pattern of snow guards in every other panel flat along the eave strut. Your first row should be installed approximately 1’ above the bottom roof edge. If an unsupported overhang is present, then your first row should be placed above the exterior structural wall. Additional rows going up the slope may also be required for equal weight distribution. Here is a good resource page for  spacing guidelines to reference. SnoBlox Deuce Installed on Standing Seam Metal Roof

It's important to note that these are general steps, and specific installation  instructions may vary based on the type of snow guard and the manufacturer's guidelines. Always refer to the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer for the guards being used to ensure proper installation. Additionally, instructional videos are available for visual guidance on the installation process.