Introducing Snow Guard Rails from SnoBlox-Snojax! Protect Yourself Today
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Introducing Snow Guard Rails from SnoBlox-Snojax! Protect Yourself Today

Posted by SnoBlox-Snojax on Oct 14th 2022

SnoBlox-SnoJax provides a wide range of snow retention products for nearly every type of roof. These systems are intended to prevent the sliding of snow and ice and avoid damage. In 1976, Snoblox-Snojax was the first company to create a polycarbonate snowguard, pioneering the field.

Snow Guard - A Winter Climate Necessity

Snow safety is an essential component of construction in cold-weather locations, such as Canada. Snow can block vents, gutters, deck railings, pedestrians, automobiles, and HVAC equipment if it builds up on roofs.

Shingled roofs are frequently able to prevent the avalanche effect. Metal roofs, on the other hand, lack the same rough surface. Snow simply slides down from the roof to the ground below due to this. This may happen out of nowhere, posing an even greater danger to people below.

Snow Guard Innovation

The primary purpose of a roof snow guard is to keep melting snow in place so that it doesn't suddenly avalanche and injure people or cause damage. They are also called "snow birds," "snow stops," and sometimes even just "snow cleats." In terms of home safety, they're an innovative way to help protect your loved ones during the winter months.

Image shows snow rail holding heavy snow load on roof

Differences In Snow Guards

There are a few different varieties of snow guards available. Snow retention systems are one example.

Pad Style

There are many types of snow retention systems, but the most common is comprised of panels made from metal or polycarbonate. Each panel is 2-3” tall and fits different roofing designs. The size and number of panels you'll need depend on the expected ground snow load rating for your project location. If you're looking to create a system that breaks up the build-up of ice and allows it to slide off easily, then you may want to consider using Snowbreaker-style polycarbonate over doorways or solar panels.

Snow Rail/Bar System

Areas that expect large snowfall should use Snow rails. They are low-profile and designed to look clean once installed, while also being able to match the colors of your roof system. Most commonly, you'll see them on commercial metal roofs. These larger structures need a snow retention system that will ensure a snow avalanche does not endanger people passing below.

Snow Guards Intended Use

If you have a metal roof and live in an area with significant snowfall each year, it is recommended that you invest in quality Snow guards. This addition to your roof can help prevent damage or injury during the winter months.

Other Ways To Prevent Winter Damage or Injuries

There are several ways to help prevent damage to property or injuries to people during the winter months, in addition to the use of snow guards.

For example, Snow and ice removal from areas where foot traffic is expected is a chore that needs to be done during the winter. This helps reduce accidents on your land.

Winterization- It's also critical to die out early before the weather gets cold since dead branches can cause property damage and endanger people or animals who are walking underneath. Dead limbs on trees might come crashing down suddenly, causing property damage and injuring passersby.

SnoBlox-SnoJax brings innovative snow retention systems to homeowners and business owners. These products can help prevent injuries, damage, and liability during the winter months.