Slate Snow Guards Explained
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Slate Snow Guards Explained

Posted by SnoBlox-Snojax on Aug 24th 2022

For centuries, people have used slate as a roofing material. This metamorphic rock is fine-grained and turned into a roofing slate. This shingle is ideal for roofing composition but, like all roofing materials can pose a risk from snow and ice melt. This necessitates the need to install slate roofing guards.

Slate Shingles: A Description

Slate shingles are essentially waterproof. They can easily endure freezing, snow and hail storms; sudden rain bursts and lengthy downpours. Slate shingles are tough and durable. In some regions of the United States, they have a lifespan of 50 years. However, they are also very heavy and far from inexpensive.

Roofing Guards – a Necessity

However, this durability does not translate into safety from ice or snow melt. Like all other roofs, snow and ice melt can run off creating a hazard for all who pass beneath it. To protect any visitors, family and friends or vehicles and structures from damage caused by falling snow and ice, it is best to install roofing guards.

Not all roofing guards are suitable for all roofs. The choice needs to be based on

  • Roofing materials - some may react negatively to certain metals
  • Roof slope
  • Rafter length
  • Climate
  • Location

These factors will help to determine the choice of the snow roof guards.

Slate Roofing Guards

While the above factors also help to determine the number and placement of  snow guards, the material needs to be considered first. In the case of slate roofing, the guards need to be the right shape and have the correct attachment. While snow guards are available in  padbar/pipe or  rail style, the bar/pipe type of snow guard is the most recommended. These snow guards are the ideal barricade system for large snow pieces and ice chunks falling in an avalanche on any unsuspecting passerby. However, if you are trying to decide what options are the best slate snow guards , be sure to contact the experienced and knowledgeable professionals at Snojax.