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SnoCleat 2.67: The Snow Guard Solution for Wavy Corrugate Panels
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SnoCleat 2.67: The Snow Guard Solution for Wavy Corrugate Panels

Posted by Derek Gamble - SnoBlox-Snojax Specialist on Dec 21st 2023

SnoCleat 2.67 Front View Mounted on Roof

Who Invented Corrugated Metal Roof Panels?

A patent for "indented or corrugated metallic sheets" was given to Henry Robinson Palmer, an engineer and architect for the London Dock Company, in 1829. This new invention quickly became popular for use as metal roofing because it was lightweight, durable, resistant to corrosion, and portable. It quickly spread throughout rural and urban parts of the United States as a standard building material and it is still widely used for roofing over 193 years later. Because of the repeating round, wavy nature of corrugated roofing panels, it is often difficult to find appropriate snow guards or snow retention systems, as many of today's most popular solutions rely on flat surfaces for installation. We have solved this problem, however, with one of our newest products. Let's talk about the  SnoCleat 2.67.

What is the SnoCleat 2.67 Snow Guard?

The SnoCleat 2.67 is an innovative product that is specifically designed for wavy corrugated panels. Let’s explore some of its features. This snow guard features 2-piece construction made from 6063-T5 Aircraft Grade Aluminum with galvanized fasteners. Typically, the SnoCleat 2.67 will arrive to the customer pre-assembled, but it is important to take a moment to discuss the components of this guard.

SnoCleat 2.67 Components

SnoCleat 2.67 Aluminum Base Plate

The aluminum base plate of the  SnoCleat 2.67 is the same dependable bracket that we have been using for years to attach our galvanized SnoBar and aluminum ColorBar snow rail systems to corrugated roofs. It features 6 pre-drilled holes in two rows of 3. Only 4 of these holes are required for installation, but you can choose to attach them with 6 fasteners for an even more heavy-duty attachment. Because the SnoCleat 2.67 is designed to straddle 2 of the high ribs or waves of the panel, these holes line up perfectly, allowing you to install them easily. We include a foam gasket with each guard, eliminating the need for the use of potentially messy liquid sealants. We recommend the use of 3” long #14 screws with neoprene washers and offer these screws for use with the SnoCleat 2.67. Our  3” long Master Grippers feature self-tapping coarse threads for use with wood decking and purlins.

SnoCleat 2.67 Front View Mounted on Roof with a Color Strip

SnoCleat 2.67 Aluminum Face

The 4” wide face of the SnoCleat 2.67 is constructed from a piece of our strong aluminum  ColorBar that has been cut down for use as an individual pad-style snow guard instead of a continuous rail system. This piece of bar is top-loaded into the channel of the base plate and secured with 2 self-tapping tek screws through pre-drilled holes in the back of the bracket. A 2”x4” wide piece of flat stock metal can be cut and slid into the front face of the guard by utilizing the small channels at the top and bottom. This is a great way to color-match the face of your SnoCleat 2.67 while using up leftover material from the roof. If there is no remaining material left to do so, you should be able to contact your roofing supplier to obtain additional metal. They may even be able to cut it into strips for you at a small additional fee. You can also contact us for help sourcing color strips. If you are looking for a full-coverage color match, we offer custom powder coating. You can also choose to have them powder-coated locally or spray-paint them upon arrival.

SnoCleat 2.67 Rear View Mounted on Roof

How is the SnoCleat 2.67 Snow Guard Installed?

The SnoCleat 2.67 is only recommended for screw-down installation. Mounting with adhesive is NOT recommended. We also do not recommend installation in isolated placements like just above doorways, walkways, HVAC units, chimneys, or garages. A proper layout for the SnoCleat 2.67 will feature staggered rows, the full length of the roof, and will often require multiple rows up the roof slope to distribute the weight of the snow and ice equally. You can check out our  spacing guidelines page for more information.

The SnoCleat 2.67 is an innovative solution for securing snow guards to wavy corrugated metal panels. Its easy installation process, durable design, and color matching options make it a versatile and effective snow retention system for your home or business. For more information about the SnoCleat 2.67 or any of our other products, you can send us an email at or give us a call at 1-800-766-5291. 


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