Model 12-16 Standing Seam Ventsaver Mount Plate

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For Panel Type:
Most Standing Seam Metal Roofs Including Bulb and T Seams
Mounting Kit Only:
Ventsaver Can be Added as an Option Below

All VentSaver models can now be mounted on most standing seam metal roof systems without penetrating these floating panels. Model 12-16 is recommended for panels 12” to 16” wide. The Model 12-16 SS Ventsaver kit can be used with the VentSaver FB151 and P383 models. The larger VentSaver HD model with the big fin can also be used but only without the wing kit and/or HDC Extension Bracket. The SS Ventsaver features an Adjustable Aluminum Plate with horizontal channels that allows for various seam spacing up to 16 inches wide. The base on all VentSaver models are now 12" long so all 12-16 kits will now include an extra aluminum mill finish bracket to that measures 9 inches to fit the depth of the 9 inch 12-16 SS VentSaver plate. 

 VentSaver not included but can be selected selected as an option. 

FB-151 VentSaver Mounted on a Standing Seam Plate P-383 VentSaver Mounted on a Standing Seam Plate

Two models fit most standing seam panels. This kit is simple to install with basic hand tools, made in the USA, and constructed of durable, non-corrosive components.

The SS Ventsaver kit includes:

  • SS VentSaver Adjustable Aluminum Plate 
  • Custom fit Ice Ramp with Edging Strip
  • 4 RCT clamps, 12 set screws, 4 top bolts/washers
  • 12 Tek screws. 

VentSaver not included but can be selected selected as an option. 

12-16 Standing Seam VentSaver Plate Contents

The universal fit RCT clamps are compatible with over 500 standing seam profiles including t-seams, bulb seams, SnapLok, single lok, double lok, MR-24, etc. Visit our Panel Matrix link here to see if your metal roof seams are compatible. 

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