Clear Guards

SnoBlox-SnoJax | Clear Guard snow guards, the clear choice in snow retention.
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SnoBlox Deuce Clear
SKU: Deuce Clear
Our most popular snow guard model.
Snoblox Ace
SKU: Ace
The SnoBlox Ace larger version of our most popular Deuce model.
Snojax I
SKU: Snojax I
The original polycarbonate snow guard
SnoJax II
SKU: SnoJax II
The original glue down snow guard.
IceJax I
SKU: IceJax I
Icejax I is a smaller version of the Icejax II.
IceJax II - Snow Guards
SKU: IceJax II
Our strongest snow guard
SKU: SnowBreaker
Break up the snow and ice with SnowBreaker
SnowBreaker 3M
SKU: SnowBreaker 3M
Break up the snow and ice with peel and stick SnowBreaker
Eco-Blox Recycled
SKU: EcoBlox
Snow Guards made from recycled plastic.