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SnoCleat PBR: All Aluminum Snow Guard Protection For Your R-Panel or PBR Roof
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SnoCleat PBR: All Aluminum Snow Guard Protection For Your R-Panel or PBR Roof

Posted by Derek Gamble - SnoBlox-Snojax Specialist on Jan 22nd 2024


When it comes to protecting your property from damage caused by avalanching snow and ice, having the right tools is essential.  Snow Guards are often utilized to control this problem. Failure to address ice and snow slides on your roof can be expensive or dangerous. Potential property damage or injury to people and pets can result from inaction. For home or business owners with screw-down R-Panel, PBR, or Ag Panels, there is a recently released product taking the market by storm. This is the aluminum  SnoCleat PBR. In this blog, we will explore the features and benefits of this innovative product.

Designed for R-Panels, PBR Panels, and Ag Panels

The SnoCleat PBR is specifically designed to work with PBR-style panels. These panels are typically 36 inches wide and normally have an on-center major rib spacing of either 9 inches or 12 inches on center. The SnoCleat PBR is carefully engineered to provide reliable snow protection while ensuring a perfect fit with these panels. It requires a flat area of only 1.5” between the minor ribs to work with these panels. Mounting the SnoCleat PBR in the flat of the panel, as opposed to on top of the ribs ensures that the guard will be in the path of even low-lying snow and ice which would otherwise go around the guard. Mounting in the flat also ensures a strong installation directly into the roof structure.

Front View SnoCleat PBR without Color Strip mounted on blue roof panel

All-Metal Construction

One of the standout features of the SnoCleat PBR is its all-aluminum construction. Made entirely from 6063-T5 aircraft-grade aluminum, this snow guard is lightweight yet incredibly durable. Aluminum is renowned for its corrosion resistance, making it ideal for outdoor applications. Rest assured that the SnoCleat PBR will withstand the harshest weather conditions without compromising its integrity and will potentially outlive the lifespan of the roof itself.

Two-Piece Design

The SnoCleat PBR features a convenient two-piece design. The first component is the mounting bracket which is securely installed using three roofing  screws. Three additional mounting holes (for a total of 6 holes) are available for use when an even stronger attachment is desired. Much like the taller version of this  bracket, that is used with our  SnoBar and ColorBar screw-down rail systems, this bracket serves as a stable foundation for the snow guard, ensuring it stays in place when faced with heavy snow loads. The second component of the SnoCleat PBR is the aluminum face, which easily drops into the top of the mounting bracket. This face is created by cutting our trusted ColorBar into 4” pre-cut sections. The top-loading nature of this bracket allows the face to be installed more quickly and easily than some of our competitors' products that require the bar to be fed through complicated and often multi-piece attachments. The face of the SnoCleat PBR is fastened to the base from the back side using two corrosion-resistant  tek screws. This two-piece design ensures easy installation and allows for quick replacement if needed.

Rear View SnoCleat PBR without Color Strip mounted on blue roof panel

What Screws Should Be Used To Install The SnoCleat PBR?

Wood Structure

Roofs with wooden structures under the panels such as plywood decking or purlins should utilize our 1/4-14 x 2" long case hardened carbon steel  Master Gripper screws with type A milled drill points. They come with a corrosion-resistant coating and neoprene washers for a weather-tight seal. This screw is not recommended for installation into less than 1" of wood.

Metal Structure

Roofs with metal structures under the panels should utilize our 1/4-14 x 1-1/2" long case hardened carbon steel  Master Driller screws with #3 drill points. They come with a corrosion-resistant coating and neoprene washers for a weather-tight seal.

No Structure

Screw-down snow guards should always be mechanically fastened into the structure below the roof panels themselves. The panel alone will not provide adequate structural support for the system and this kind of installation is prone to failure which can damage not only the panel but the snow guards as well. Additionally, the SnoCleat PBR is not compatible with liquid adhesives or double-sided tape for installation.


The SnoCleat PBR features a foam gasket that is installed between the guard and the roof panel. This gasket eliminates the need for messy liquid sealants.


Obtaining a proper  snow guard layout for your project is vital to the success of your system. Installation in partial roof areas is never recommended and can lead to failure. A correct layout will have rows traveling the entire length of each roof area and will often require multiple rows up the roof slope to distribute the weight evenly. The SnoCleat PBR, when installed correctly, will be placed in staggered rows to further aid in the distribution of this weight. It is also important to protect any upper roof areas that may shed down onto the lower areas that you are seeking to protect. Skipping this step can result in damage to your roof and snow retention system due to overloading. Snow guards are not meant to act as a barrier to stop the movement of snow and ice. The goal is to keep the snow from moving at all and instead allow it to melt slowly and safely in place. You can check out our  spacing guidelines page for the SnoCleat PBR for more information on your recommended spacing and layout for this guard.

Front View SnoCleat PBR without Color Strip mounted on blue roof panel Front View SnoCleat PBR with Color Strip mounted on blue roof panel

Color Matching

Personalization is key when it comes to your property's aesthetic appeal. We currently offer two options for color-matching the SnoCleat PBR to your panels.

Color Strips

The first and easiest method is by simply sliding a 2-inch wide by 4-inch long color strip into the front face of the snow guard. This can be provided by us or can be created by field-cutting leftover roofing material to ensure an exact match to your panel. Keep in mind that color matches can be difficult to get exact, as colors can vary even from one coil to the next between batches from the same manufacturer. Color Strips are recommended to be cut from 24 gauge metal or thinner. Color Strips have the added benefit of being able to be added, removed, or swapped out after the SnoCleat is installed. This allows flexibility and creativity for the owner.

Powder Coating

If you are looking for a full-coverage color option for the SnoCleat PBR, we also offer powder coating. For an additional fee, we can match your guards to the color of your roof allowing them to blend in with the panels. To start this process, a physical color sample must be provided to us for matching. We then take this sample and compare it to thousands of available shades from the biggest manufacturers like Tiger Drylac, Sherwin Williams, and IFS. Occasionally, a color will come along that is not easily matched, but in these rare cases, a custom bespoke powder can be created just for your project. Customers desiring a faster turnaround time can also choose to have their guards powder coated locally or spray paint them upon arrival.


When it comes to protecting your property from the damaging effects of snow and ice, the SnoCleat PBR is a strong, reliable solution. Its compatibility with most PBR panels, all-metal construction, two-piece design, and color-matching options make it a top choice for property owners. Invest in the SnoCleat PBR today for your home or building. For more information about the SnoCleat PBR or any of our other products, you can send us an email at or give us a call at 1-800-766-5291. 


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