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Metal Snow Catcher Colors (100 Pieces)



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Lead times are normally 3-4 weeks at the powder coating facility plus additional time for shipping.
For Panel Type:
Mechanically Fastened R-Panel 9" to 12" Flats
Processing Time:
Same or Next Day (Mon-Fri)


The Powder Coated SnowCatcher is an American made, 16 gauge, metal screw down snow guard that is constructed from 304 grade stainless steel.

It has a forward style 4” wide face and a 1.5” wide base that fits most 36” panels with minor ribs at least 1.5" apart. The SnowCatcher requires 2 screws per guard, the third hole can be used for an extra screw, but it is intended as a holding point for powder coating. 

SnowCatcher With Pad AttachedDimension of The Painted SnowCatcher

Powder Coated SnowCatcher Snow Guard Professional Test Results

Professional test results demonstrated that the original SnowCatcher held up to 3923 pounds of force pushing against the face of the guard before the method of attachment failed. The original shape of the SnowCatcher was retained throughout the entire test. The super strong stainless steel construction does not get brittle like cheaply fabricated cast guards. A 1/16" thick adhesive-backed V742 CCF PVC foam sealer base pad is included, so there is no need to buy silicone. Different computer monitors and screens can display colors differently than they actually appear, therefore all sales are final on custom color orders. Please call us at 1-800-766-5291 if you have any questions before placing your online order.

Powder Coated SnowCatcher Snow Guard Submittal Documents

The following warranty is made in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied. Recommendations for proper use of the product are based on tests believed to be reliable. Any goods proven to be defective due to materials will be replaced, or purchase price refunded, but in no event shall the manufacturer be responsible for damages in excess of the purchase price. User shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use and assumes all risks of its use or handling.
SnowCatcher Stainless Steel Snow Guards

Powder Coated SnowCatcher Snow Guard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The standard lead time for readily available colors is approximately 3-4 weeks, which is subject to change based on color availability and order size.

The SnowCatcher snow guard has three pre-drilled holes in its base. Installers must use the two holes near the guard's face for installation. During the powder coating process, the guard hangs by the third hole at the opposite end of the base. This third hole can also be an extra mounting point for more robust construction.

NEVER use snow guards or snow rails as steps or tie-off points for fall protection. We recommend the RidgePro, a fast and dependable fall protection solution .

The first step is to send us a physical color sample. We cannot match a color based on an image or video. Monitors and printers will often alter colors between manufacturers. You can send us a small physical sample or swatch by mail, and we will utilize that to find an appropriate color match.

We recommend the adhesive for use only on polycarbonate snow guards. The adhesive penetrates into the plastic material to give it a firm hold. Since all SnowCatchers are stainless steel, we never advise installing them with glue. We never recommend installing these guards on standing seam metal panels because they require screws to be driven through the panel to be attached.

About SnoBlox-Snojax

In the late 1970s, we embarked on a quest for an improved snow guard solution that would be non-corrosive and nearly invisible to preserve the building's aesthetic appeal. After extensive testing, we obtained a patent for Snojax®, the world's first screw-down, clear, non-corrosive, polycarbonate snow guard. In 1985, we innovated further with the release of Snojax II, the world's first glue-down polycarbonate snow guard. By 2000, we introduced two patented SnoBlox® models, "Ace" and "Deuce," offering an economical alternative and resolving the challenge of straddling minor ribs. These models boasted the industry's first patented waffled base design, enhancing adhesive bonding. In 2005, we expanded our offerings with Icejax I and Icejax II, which were validated through rigorous testing by the renowned ATI professional testing laboratory. Our Snojax®, SnoBlox®, Icejax™, and SnowCatcher™ brands are the epitome of robust snow guards in the industry, validated by comprehensive testing.


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