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Snow Guards For Exposed Fastener Metal Roof Panels by Centria, A Nucor Company
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Snow Guards For Exposed Fastener Metal Roof Panels by Centria, A Nucor Company

Posted by Derek Gamble - SnoBlox-Snojax Specialist on Jun 17th 2024

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See the Snow Guards Compatibility Chart for Centria Screw Down Metal Roofing Panels.

"What Are the Best Snow Guards for Metal Roofs?"

If your residential, commercial, or industrial building features an exposed fastener metal roof, implementing protective measures against the potential hazards of sliding snow and ice accumulations becomes crucial. These roofing systems often require comprehensive snow retention solutions to withstand harsh winter conditions. This guide explores various snow guard options compatible with Centria's exposed fastener metal roofs, enabling you to select the most suitable solution tailored to your roof system's unique requirements. As part of an ongoing series of informative blog posts, we'll highlight prominent metal panel manufacturers and recommend compatible snow retention solutions, empowering you with the knowledge to make well-informed decisions that safeguard your investment while ensuring the safety of all during the unforgiving winter months.

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Exposed Fastener Metal Roof Panels by Centria

Centria's journey began in 1906 under the name H.H. Robertson. This pioneering company introduced advanced coatings for metal wall and roof panels used in construction projects. Over the next several decades, spanning from the 1920s to the 1990s, the firm solidified its position as a prominent manufacturer of light-gauge steel trusses, corrugated metal panels, insulated foam composite wall systems, and concealed fastener structural exposed fastener roofing solutions, with one of their notable achievements being the development of the SRS system, which was among the first hidden fastener exposed fastener panels in the market. As the new millennium approached, Centria unveiled several innovative product lines that further strengthened its reputation for cutting-edge offerings tailored to the building envelope market, including the Concept Series concealed fastener system, Formawall Graphix Series panels, MetalWrap series, Kolorshift Coatings, and the Intercept+ technology powered by NexGen. In 2021, a significant milestone occurred when Nucor Corporation, the largest steelmaker in the United States, acquired Centria as part of its strategic expansion into adjacent businesses beyond core steel production. However, before this acquisition, Centria had already established itself as a globally recognized provider of innovative and high-performance metal wall and roofing systems for commercial, institutional, and industrial structures worldwide. Now operating as a Nucor subsidiary, Centria offers a comprehensive portfolio of durable, energy-efficient, and aesthetically appealing building envelope solutions, leveraging its rich heritage and expertise in the industry.


The Econolap 3/4" metal roof panel is a highly versatile wavy corrugated panel with a more pronounced corrugation than most others. This panel features a width of 34-2/3 inches and a depth of 3/4 inch. This panel is available in galvanized, stainless steel, and aluminum substrates. The steel panels are available in 20, 22, and 24 gauge thicknesses, while the aluminum panels are available in .032", .040", and .050" thicknesses. These gauge options cater to different structural and insulation requirements, allowing for customization based on project needs. Regarding length, the standard options range from 5 feet to an impressive 40 feet with steel options and a maximum length of 20 feet for aluminum variants. Notably, the Econolap 3/4" panel features a non-directional profile, making it suitable for a wide range of roofing applications, regardless of the direction or orientation of the installation. See the Snow Guards Compatibility Chart for Centria ECONOLAP 3/4" Screw Down Metal Roofing Panels.

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This roofing panel boasts a distinctive wavy corrugated design, setting it apart from conventional exposed fastener roofing systems. The unique design allows for an exceptional installation approach, where snow guards can be mounted on the panel's elevated ridges, deviating from typical installation guidelines. The Econolap 3/4" Panel is compatible with various snow retention system options, catering to customers' requirements. The recently introduced SnoCleat 2.67 snow guards can be securely attached to the panel's high ribs using 3-inch screws, ensuring a robust installation. Alternatively, customers can opt for the SnoBar or ColorBar snow retention systems, which utilize the same ColorBracket 2.67 as the SnoCleat 2.67. Each ColorBracket 2.67 comes equipped with six attachment holes, providing customers with the flexibility to choose between using four screws per bracket or all six screws for enhanced mounting strength, particularly in areas prone to extreme weather conditions.


The BR5-36 is a robust exposed fastener metal roof panel renowned for its durability and versatility. With a substantial coverage width of 36 inches, this panel features five uniformly spaced ribs at 7.2-inch intervals on-center. The panel is inverted as a roofing solution, positioning the side lap at the highest rib for optimal performance. One of the standout features of the BR5-36 is its ability to cater to diverse project requirements through a range of gauge and finish options. This panel comes in galvanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminum with available 20, 22, and 24 gauges for the steel options and .032", .040", and .050" thicknesses for aluminum. Designed with wind load resistance and ease of installation in mind, the BR5-36 panel excels in its ability to span longer distances compared to some other exposed fastener roof panels on the market. This accomplishment is achieved through its sturdy construction and evenly distributed rib configuration, allowing direct fastening to the roof deck while ensuring a secure overlap between panels. Steel options for this panel can span from 5' to 40' with a 20' maximum for aluminum. See the Snow Guards Compatibility Chart for Centria BR5-36 Screw Down Metal Roofing Panels.

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The BR5-36 panel features a sleek design with narrow flat sections measuring approximately 3 1/2 inches wide, which may seem limiting but presents a diverse array of possibilities. For those seeking to retain snow and ice on their rooftops, the Ace, Deuce, or Icejax I individual pad-style polycarbonate snow guards are excellent choices. However, if the objective is to facilitate a gradual and safer shedding of snow and ice in smaller, more manageable portions, the SnowBreaker or SnowBreaker 3M snow guards are the ideal solutions, allowing for a controlled release and minimizing potential hazards. Regardless of your preference, these snow guard models are compatible with either screws or the Surebond SB-190 adhesive, providing flexibility and convenience during the installation process. Additionally, the tall ColorBrackets offer the ability to mechanically fasten the SnoBar and ColorBar to this panel, further enhancing the versatility of this roofing system.


The Style-Rib roof panel is a solution designed for exposed fastener applications. This high-strength panel features a coverage width of 36 inches, with ribs spaced at 7.2 inches on-center. The panel lengths range from 5 feet to 40 feet for steel, with a maximum length of 20 feet for aluminum. Steel options are available in 20, 22, or 24 gauge, while aluminum is available in .032, .040, and .050 thicknesses. Customers can choose between a smooth or embossed profile finish, catering to their aesthetic preferences. Designed for inverted installation, with the side lap at the high rib section, the Style-Rib roof panel can seamlessly integrate into various rainscreen applications. These include uninsulated screen-wall systems and insulated composite backup panel systems featuring Advanced Thermal and Moisture Protection (ATMP®) technology, ensuring superior thermal performance and moisture management. See the Snow Guards Compatibility Chart for Centria STYLE-RIB Screw Down Metal Roofing Panels.

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The Style-Rib Panel integrates with various snow management solutions, enabling efficient control over snow and ice accumulation on your rooftop. The polycarbonate SnoBlox Deuce is a pad-style guard, allowing for the retention of snow and ice on the roof's surface. Conversely, the SnowBreaker plays a crucial role by breaking the accumulated snow and ice into more manageable and safer fragments as they shed from the roof. Installers have the flexibility to mount these snow guards using either screws or adhesive, and the SnowBreaker 3M offers the convenience of 3M double-sided tape for secure attachment. Additionally, the Style-Rib Panel is compatible with the galvanized SnoBar and aluminum ColorBar snow rail systems, both of which utilize the robust 1.5-inch wide aluminum Tall ColorBracket for secure attachment, providing a comprehensive and effective snow management solution for your roof that combines various components to create an integrated approach to managing snow and ice buildup, ensuring the safety and protection of your rooftop.


Centria's Super-Rib roof panel is their most robust offering. It can span greater distances and minimize the need for additional support structures. This exposed fastener panel features a substantial depth of 4 inches and a width of 24 inches. While the standard length ranges from 5 to 40 feet, aluminum variants max out at 20 feet. Regarding material composition, the Super-Rib is primarily available in galvanized steel, with gauge options spanning from 18 to 22. However, Centria also offers an aluminum variant for those seeking an alternative substrate. The panel's surface can be smooth or embossed, catering to diverse aesthetic preferences. Designed for inverted installation, with the side lap positioned at the high point, the Super-Rib excels in resisting negative wind loads. This attribute renders it a versatile choice for both new construction projects and retrofit roofing applications, where its strength and durability are paramount considerations. See the Snow Guards Compatibility Chart for Centria SUPER-RIB Screw Down Metal Roofing Panels.

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Due to the dimensions and design of this panel, we do not currently offer any snow guard options that are compatible with this panel.


The TR4-36 ROOF metal panel is an exposed fastener roofing solution with an aesthetically pleasing standing rib design. This panel features a width of 36 inches with ribs, each measuring 1.5 inches in depth, spaced at 9 inches in the center. The ribs' pronounced depth of 1.5 inches contributes to the panel's visually appealing appearance. Regarding material options, the TR4-36 ROOF panel is primarily available in G-90 galvanized steel, with gauge thicknesses ranging from 20 gauge to 24 gauge. However, Centria also offers this panel's aluminum and stainless steel variants for projects requiring alternative materials. The installation process for the TR4-36 ROOF panel involves overlapping the side laps in the high rib when joining adjacent panels. This panel can be installed as an uninsulated or insulated system, providing flexibility to accommodate varying thermal performance requirements. Its versatility extends beyond roofing applications, as the panel can also work as exterior or interior walls and soffits, with the option to orient the ribs horizontally or vertically. One of the notable strengths of the TR4-36 ROOF panel is its excellent negative wind load performance, making it a suitable choice for both new construction projects and retrofit applications. Centria's commitment to quality and innovation ensures that this metal roofing panel meets the highest durability and aesthetic appeal standards. See the Snow Guards Compatibility Chart for Centria TR4-36 Screw Down Metal Roofing Panels.

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While the TR4-36 panel shares dimensional similarities with a standard 9" r-panel, its uniquely shaped faces limit the options for snow guard installation. We estimate the width of the center flats to be approximately 1.5"-2", in keeping with the traditional styling of this panel type. Contact the manufacturer or order a sample snow guard from our website before finalizing your system. Due to the raised center portion of this panel's flats, we do not recommend screw-down snow guard applications as they will crush the gap below the panel. We recommend only using glue-down polycarbonate snow guards with this panel. The SnoBlox Deuce and SnowBreaker are compatible options mounted between the outside divots. The Deuce retains snow and ice until it melts, while the SnowBreaker breaks it into smaller pieces as it sheds from the roof.


The MR3-36 ROOF is an exposed fastener insulated metal panel designed for roofing applications. This versatile panel has a coverage width of 36 inches and features prominent 3-inch high ribs running along its length. Regarding material thickness, the MR3-36 comes in three steel gauge options: 24 gauge (standard), 22 gauge, and 20 gauge. 20 and 22-gauge thicknesses are also available for stainless steel, while aluminum panels are available in .040 and .050 thicknesses. While primarily intended for roofing, the MR3-36's adaptability allows for its use as wall cladding and soffits, with the ribs oriented horizontally or vertically as required. The panel can be insulated to enhance thermal performance. Its robust design delivers excellent wind load resistance, making it suitable for new construction and retrofit projects. The panels can be installed in virtually any weather condition, enabling fast-track scheduling. When used on roofs, the panels are inverted with the side laps positioned in the higher rib section. Centria offers the MR3-36 ROOF in a wide array of premium coating systems, like Allura, Celestial Effects, Duragard Plus, and Fluorofinish. These coatings ensure superior color retention and durability over an extended service life. his metal roofing panel meets the highest durability and aesthetic appeal standards. See the Snow Guards Compatibility Chart for Centria MR3-36 Screw Down Metal Roofing Panels.

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While the MR3-36 panel shares dimensional similarities with a standard 12" r-panel, this uniquely shaped panel is limited in its options for snow guard installation. Unlike traditional 12" r-panels that feature two off-center striations, this panel has a single striation centered in the panel. We could not find solid dimensions for this panel's minor ribs and low flat spacing. We recommend contacting the panel manufacturer or ordering a sample snow guard from our website before finalizing your system. The ribs of this panel are also too high to be compatible with the SnoBar or ColorBar system when using the Tall ColorBracket.

Centria  Compatibility Chart for Snow Guards

  Econolap 3/4 inch Profile BR5-36 Profile Style-Rib Profile Super-Rib Profile TR4-36 Profile MR3-36 Profile
IceJax I Screw Down NO YES NO NO NO NO
IceJax I Glue Down NO YES NO NO NO NO
IceJax II Screw Down NO NO NO NO NO NO
IceJax II Glue Down NO NO NO NO NO NO
SnoBlox Deuce Screw Down NO YES YES NO NO NO
SnoBlox Deuce Glue Down NO YES YES NO YES NO
SnoBlox Ace Screw Down NO YES NO NO NO NO
SnoBlox Ace Glue Down NO YES NO NO NO NO
Snojax I Screw Down NO NO NO NO NO NO
Snojax II Screw Down NO NO NO NO NO NO
Snojax II Glue Down NO NO NO NO NO NO
SnowBreaker Screw Down NO YES YES NO NO NO
SnowBreaker Glue Down NO YES YES NO YES NO
SnowCatcher NO NO NO NO NO NO
Decorative SnowCatcher NO NO NO NO NO NO
SnoCleat 2.67 YES NO NO NO NO NO
SnoBar 2.67 YES NO NO NO NO NO
ColorBar 2.67 YES NO NO NO NO NO

Considerations for Purchasing and Installing Snow Guards for Centria Exposed Fastener Metal Roofing

Assessing Snow Load Demands

The ground snow load, derived from historical weather data, helps determine your project's appropriate snow retention system. For areas with ground snow loads up to 45 PSF, consider adhesive-based or mechanically fastened individual snow guards or screw-down rail systems. We only recommend rail systems when ground snow loads surpass this threshold. You can obtain information on your ground snow load through online resources or building plans.

Ensuring Watertight Roof Integrity

Products like SnoCleat PBR, SnoCleat 2.67, SnowCatchers, and screw-down rail systems incorporate butyl tape gaskets to create a secure seal against the elements, eliminating the need for liquid sealants. When combined with screws featuring neoprene washers, a watertight installation is ensured. Some customers opt for an additional layer of protection by applying a neutral-curing, cold-weather liquid silicone around the snow guards' edges, such as Novaflex MR150 sealant. For polycarbonate snow guards attached with screws, it is essential to use a neutral-curing, cold-weather liquid silicone to seal the entire base effectively.

Optimizing Installation Timing for Adhesive Systems

While screw-down snow guards and rail systems can be installed year-round, provided the roof is clear of snow, ice, and debris, you must carefully plan for adhesive-based snow guard installations. The industry-standard adhesive SureBond SB-190, used for polycarbonate snow guard installation, requires approximately 28 days at 50 degrees Fahrenheit for complete curing. The optimal installation period in the USA and Canada is late spring or early summer. While lower temperatures won't harm the adhesive, they will temporarily halt the curing process until the temperature rises.

Ensuring Proper Color Matching

We offer various color-matching solutions for our snow retention systems to achieve a cohesive and visually appealing installation. These include interchangeable color strips that can be easily slid into our SnoCleat and ColorBar products, allowing you to match the snow guards' faces with your roof's hue. Additionally, we provide powder-coating services for all metal snow guards, ensuring a precise color match to your specifications. While powder-coated products require a longer lead time of 3 to 4 weeks due to the custom manufacturing process, customers also have the option to have their snow guards powder-coated locally or painted on-site for a quicker turnaround and greater flexibility in color selection.

Comprehensive Layout Planning

Regardless of your snow retention system, obtaining a design recommendation from the manufacturer is crucial. We provide complimentary spacing charts and quote request forms to assist customers needing custom layout guidance. It is important to note that installing snow retention in isolated areas is not recommended, as this approach consistently poses a high risk of failure and potential safety hazards.

Ensuring Structural Integrity

When installing snow guards with mechanical fasteners, anchoring them into at least 1 inch of solid wood structure, such as plywood decking, purlins, or retrofitting blocking, is essential. For pre-engineered metal buildings, it is advisable to mount snow guards directly into metal purlins whenever possible. Relying solely on the panel as the structural support for snow guards or rails is not recommended, as it increases the risk of failure. If the structure beneath the proposed snow guard mounting points is inadequate and the ground snow load is 45 psf or less, consider using an adhesive-based product if the installer cannot easily install additional blocking.


SnoBlox-Snojax prioritizes providing an outstanding experience as you explore and install our snow guard solutions. Our team of experts is readily available to address any inquiries or concerns. Feel free to contact us via email at or our dedicated support hotline at 1-800-766-5291. We have curated a comprehensive collection of valuable resources to empower our customers. Our Snow Guard Buyer's Guide offers in-depth insights and guidance to assist you in making well-informed decisions throughout the selection process. Additionally, our "What Works and Doesn't" page provides practical perspectives on best practices and potential pitfalls, ensuring a smooth and successful installation journey. We encourage you to leverage these resources to gain confidence and make informed choices when selecting and installing our snow guard solutions. Our commitment is to provide you with the knowledge and support necessary for a seamless and satisfactory experience.


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