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Snow Guards For Exposed Fastener Metal Roof Panels by Construction Metal Products (CMP)
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Snow Guards For Exposed Fastener Metal Roof Panels by Construction Metal Products (CMP)

Posted by Derek Gamble - SnoBlox-Snojax Specialist on Jul 1st 2024

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See the Snow Guards Compatibility Chart for Construction Metal Products Screw Down Metal Roofing Panels.

"What Are the Best Snow Guards for Metal Roofs?"

Metal structures featuring exposed fastener roofs demand particular care to mitigate the risks of sudden snow and ice slides or avalanches. This comprehensive blog series explores the world of snow retention systems, specifically emphasizing solutions that complement Construction Metal Products' hidden fastener roofing designs. Our dual objectives are to provide you with essential knowledge for choosing the most suitable snow guard option for your specific needs and to expand an industry-leading database of snow retention compatibility information. This educational series spotlights prominent metal roofing manufacturers and their corresponding snow guard systems. By equipping you with vital insights, we aim to facilitate informed decision-making that safeguards your investment and ensures the well-being of building inhabitants, passersby, property, and pets during severe winter weather. Implementing an appropriate snow retention strategy is vital in reducing the hazards linked to cascading snow and ice. By adopting effective measures, you can substantially improve the safety of your property and its vicinity, fostering a protected environment even in the harshest winter conditions.

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Exposed Fastener Metal Roof Panels by Construction Metal Products (CMP)

Since its founding in 1994, CMP has established itself as a key player in the metal roofing and wall systems market. The company's influence has steadily grown over the past three decades, extending its services to customers throughout the Carolinas, Virginia, and Georgia. CMP's commitment to manufacturing high-quality roof systems has been the cornerstone of its success, enabling the firm to tackle various commercial, residential, and industrial projects in its service regions. The company's ability to adapt to changing market conditions and maintain a strong foothold in the competitive construction materials industry is evident in its consistent growth. A crucial element of CMP's operational success is its vertically integrated structure, which includes on-site manufacturing facilities and a company-owned distribution fleet. This approach has enabled CMP to provide clients with quick turnaround times and dependable service. CMP's uninterrupted operation and expansion since its inception in 1994 demonstrate its resilience and ability to thrive in the ever-changing landscape of the metal roofing industry. The firm's longevity and success can be attributed to its unwavering focus on quality, customer satisfaction, and strategic business practices, solidifying its position as a trusted name.

Series "R" Panel

Construction Metal Products (CMP) offers a versatile roofing and wall system called the Series "R" Panel. This robust metal panel features a generous 36" coverage width, making it an efficient choice for various applications. Its distinctive profile features prominent ribs that stand 1-1/4" tall and are evenly spaced at 12" intervals. Between these major ribs, the panel incorporates two rows of lower elevations, often referred to as "mesas," which enhance both the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of the product. The Series "R" Panel's adaptability allows for its multiple uses, including roofing systems, exterior walls, and contemporary interior wall designs. As an exposed fastener panel, it offers a straightforward installation process. Customers can opt for a purlin bearing flange (PBR) variant for added versatility, enabling direct attachment to open framing structures. CMP typically offers their Series "R" Panel in various gauge options. However, the available information does not explicitly state the specific choices. These options usually include 20, 22, or 24 gauge steel, 16oz copper, and .032 or .040 aluminum variants. Potential buyers should consult directly with CMP for precise gauge availability for the Series "R" CMP Panel. See the Snow Guards Compatibility Chart for Construction Metal Products CMP Series R Screw Down Metal Roofing Panels.

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The Series "R" Panel configuration offers exceptional adaptability for snow guard installation, catering to various preferences and project requirements. This system accommodates numerous snow guards, including the screw-fastened SnoBar and ColorBar rail systems, the SnoCleat PBR, and an assortment of stainless steel SnowCatchers featuring distinctive designs such as the Standard Rectangle, Fleur-de-lis, Sun Burst, Maple Leaf, Mustang, and Kodiak. Most polycarbonate snow guard models are compatible with these panels, allowing for adhesive or screw attachment methods. The sole exception is the Snojax I, which necessitates screw-down installation exclusively. Utilizing the industry-standard Surebond SB-190 adhesive is crucial when opting for polycarbonate models. However, this particular adhesive is unsuitable for metal pad-style snow guards. Position smaller snow guards in the panel's center, between the minor ribs, for optimal performance. Specific models, like the Snojax II and Icejax II, require off-center placement, consistently straddling the left or right minor rib or mesa. It's imperative to avoid directly attaching snow guards or rail systems to the panel's high ribs. Instead, secure them through the low, flat sections of the panel into a robust underlying structure, ensuring maximum stability and strength. For a more comprehensive understanding of this crucial aspect, we invite you to check out our blog post, "Mounting Snow Guards on the High Ribs or the Panel Flats: Which is Correct?"

Series 5V

Construction Metal Products (CMP) offers a classic roofing solution with Series 5V metal roof panels. These panels feature a unique profile with five inverted V-shaped grooves, lending the product its name. The design's smooth, clean lines have made it a favored choice for residential homes and light commercial buildings. CMP manufactures these panels with a 24" profile width in 26 gauge or a 20" profile with 24 gauge, providing ample coverage. Customers can select from two thickness options: a 26-gauge steel in a limited color palette or a more robust 24-gauge steel with a comprehensive range of Kynar® finish choices. This versatility in gauge and color allows the Series 5V to meet diverse project requirements and aesthetic preferences. While information on the rib spacing of this panel is unavailable, it is safe to assume, due to the rib configuration of the panel, that its rib spacing is 12" for the 24" panel and 10" for the 20" panel. Contact CMP directly to verify this information. See the Snow Guards Compatibility Chart for Construction Metal Products Series 5V CMP Screw Down Metal Roofing Panels.

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The Series 5V Profile roofing system is compatible with several options for managing snow accumulation. Property owners can select from diverse snow guard designs, including the durable SnowCatchers, available in various motifs such as Standard, Sun Burst, Maple Leaf, Fleur-de-lis, Kodiak, and Mustang. The Series 5V Profile is also compatible with several polycarbonate snow guards, like the SnoBlox Deuce, Icejax II, and SnoBlox Ace, which can be affixed using screws or adhesive to regulate snow and ice on the roof. It's worth noting that the Snojax I is an exception to this rule, requiring screw-down installation and is unsuitable for adhesive mounting. The SnowBreaker or SnowBreaker 3M systems are effective for those who prefer snow management without retention. These systems facilitate the controlled release of snow and ice in smaller, less dangerous pieces, enhancing safety for people, pets, and property beneath the roof. In areas experiencing substantial snow loads exceeding 45 psf or for those seeking modern, sleek snow retention methods, the SnoBar and ColorBar rail systems present excellent alternatives. These systems efficiently handle snow accumulation while maintaining an attractive roof appearance. Utilizing mechanically secured Tall ColorBrackets and butyl tape gaskets, these solutions provide a robust and visually appealing means of preventing snow and ice buildup on the roof surface.

Series Multi-Rib

CMP Construction Metal Products offers a versatile metal roofing and wall panel solution, the Series Multi-Rib. Professionals in agriculture, steel fabrication, and residential construction commonly employ this panel in their projects. The distinctive design features prominent ribs that stand 3/4" tall, spaced at 9" intervals. The panel incorporates two subtle grooved lines or minor ribs between these major ribs, enhancing its visual appeal. Installation is straightforward, employing exposed fasteners to secure the panels to a solid base. While specific gauge options for this model are unavailable, CMP typically provides steel panels in 20, 22, or 24 gauge thicknesses, with variants available in 16oz copper or aluminum with .032" and .040" thicknesses. The Series Multi-Rib creates a trapezoidal aesthetic, contributing to its broad applicability. For more information on this panel, contact your local CMP representative. See the Snow Guards Compatibility Chart for Construction Metal Products Multi-Rib CMP Screw Down Metal Roofing Panels.

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The Multi-Rib Series Panel is compatible with various snow retention solutions, accommodating adhesive and mechanical fastening preferences. For those interested in polycarbonate solutions, roofing professionals typically position the SnoBlox Deuce and SnowBreaker variants in the spaces between minor ribs. Metal enthusiasts can opt for screw-mounted alternatives like the SnoCleat PBR or any of the six SnowCatcher designs, which are ideal for placement in the panel's central flat area. Straddling the minor ribs between 9" sections, the Snojax I and Icejax I provide additional choices. The Icejax I accommodates both adhesive and screw-based mounting, whereas the Snojax I requires mechanical attachment only. For a more comprehensive approach, you can combine the Multi-Rib Series Panel with Tall ColorBrackets and suitable fasteners to support either aluminum ColorBar PBR or galvanized SnoBar PBR snow rail systems. This integration results in a robust and efficient snow management solution, ensuring optimal performance across various environmental conditions.

Construction Metal Products (CMP) Compatibility Chart for Snow Guards

Considerations for Purchasing and Installing Snow Guards for Construction Metal Products (CMP) Exposed Fastener Metal Roofing

Ensuring Watertight Roof Protection

When installing polycarbonate snow guards with screws, it's crucial to apply silicone sealant properly. Cover the entire base and press firmly to eliminate air pockets. While our metal snow guards and rail system brackets have waterproofing features like butyl tape and neoprene washers, some prefer adding extra sealant for peace of mind. However, this additional step is optional.

Timing Your Adhesive Snow Guard Installation

Adhesive snow guards require careful planning. Late spring or early summer is ideal for installation in the US and Canada. Our recommended adhesive, Surebond SB190, needs about a month of temperatures above 50 degrees Fahrenheit to cure completely. While cold temperatures won't damage the adhesive, they will pause the curing process until warmer conditions return. Rain will not be an issue after 24 hours.

Strategizing Snow Guard Placement

Regardless of the snow guard type, consult the manufacturer for layout recommendations. We provide complimentary spacing guides and custom quote request forms for tailored plans. Avoid installing snow guards in isolated areas, leading to overloading and potential failure.

Assessing Your Roof's Snow Load Capacity

Understanding your roof's snow load is crucial for selecting appropriate snow guards. Weather experts use historical data to determine the ground snow load for your area over many years. Individual guards or screw-down rails suffice for regions with 45 PSF or less ground snow loads. Heavier snow areas require the use of rail systems exclusively. You can find local snow load information online, in building plans, or through local officials.

Blending Snow Guards with Your Roof

For a seamless look, consider color-matching your snow guards to your roof. You can equip our ColorBar systems and SnoCleat snow guards with color strips that slide into place. Alternatively, our metal guards can be powder-coated to match your roof color. Powder coating typically has longer lead times, so customers needing faster options can choose local coating or DIY painting upon arrival.

Securing Your Snow Guard Installation

Anchor mechanically mounted snow guards to a solid substrate. Aim for at least an inch of sturdy wood, such as plywood decking or purlins. On metal buildings, attach directly to metal purlins when possible. Avoid relying solely on the roof panel for support. If the underlying structure is weak and your snow load is manageable, consider adhesive products when additional support isn't feasible.


Our team at SnoBlox-Snojax is committed to making your snow guard installation experience smooth and successful. We offer comprehensive support throughout the entire process, from selection to installation. For personalized assistance, don't hesitate to contact us at or 1-800-766-5291. We've created valuable resources tailored to your needs to enhance your understanding and decision-making. Our Snow Guard Buyer's Guide provides essential information to simplify your selection process. Additionally, our "What Works and What Doesn't" page offers practical insights, highlighting effective techniques and potential pitfalls to avoid during installation. We encourage you to explore these resources, as they will equip you with the knowledge needed to make informed choices about our snow guard solutions. At SnoBlox-Snojax, we're dedicated to delivering superior products and the expertise to utilize them effectively, ensuring your complete satisfaction with our services.


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